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The iPhone 4 S Smartphone

My wife has an Iphone 4, she’s had it just over a year now and up until the rumours started to circulate about the fictitious iPhone 5 earlier in the year she was always blasting my HTC Desire calling it a piece of rubbish and continually remarked about just how superior her Apple iPhone 4 was!

Now since she discovered that the 5 was to be the iPhone 4S, she is adamant that one of our boys should have the expensive £45, 24 month contract iPhone 4, and she get the new 4 s.

Whilst I by no means am the boss of my wife or have the deciding say as to whether she will get the 4 S, She is still a long way from her upgrade date (If upgrading from one iPhone to another is possible) and with the phone costing over £40 a month to get it free on the websites I’ve visited, it seems a bit expensive!

Now I have done a little research and discovered that the following are the main improvements between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 S,

  • A new A5 processor that can deliver up to 2x faster performance and 7x faster graphics than the previous A4 cpu.
  • 8 megapixel camera, with improved optics and built in image editing software. As well as the ability to record in 1080p HD video quality.
  • Apples ios 5 which is supposedly the world’s most advanced mobile operating system and comes with more than 200 new features when compared to ios 4.
  • Siri which is voice command software, which assists in sending text messages, searching for information and sending text messages.

With all of the above in mind and Christmas looming large I find myself undecided as to whether I should get my beautiful wife the new iPhone for Christmas. In fact I can’t really see how much difference the new features have made to the 4 S. Maybe because I haven’t used the previous phone or any Apple mobile phone to be honest.

So I am sending in this question to pre pay as you go and asking you and your readers to help me make up my mind!

Are the differences between the previous iPhone and the iPhone 4S so profound that you would go out and spend £40+ a month on one?


Question sent in by: David Laurie from Lancaster.



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