The Cloud Smartphone – Is it the Future?

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The Cloud Smartphone – Is it the Future?

With mobile phones and tablet sales very much on the rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that the cloud smartphone has a very natural and urgent part to play. When we are using our mobile phones, for example, we are mobile. And that means that we are not tethered to a home computing device.

Cloud Smartphone

If you are a fairly switched on smartphone user (and we know that sounds like a ridiculously stupid thing to say) then you have probably used some kind of smartphone cloud storage. Users are now familiar with creating documents or media on their smartphone and uploading it to Drop Box, for example. Drop Box have released their app that makes it easy and quick to upload all of your treasured and important content to the Cloud. And Apple is making a big thing about their iCloud, which allows users of the iPhone to upload pretty much anything.

However, is it safe? What happens when the Cloud servers break down or get a virus? This is of course possible, even if you are Apple.

What Does ‘Cloud Smartphone’ look like?

If you use the Cloud on your smartphone, you are primarily going to use it for storage

If you use the Cloud on your smartphone, you are primarily going to use it for storage

Basically, if you use the Cloud on your smartphone, you are primarily going to use it for storage. This has been the key aspect of the concept that most smartphone users have been buying into since the Cloud became a viable option. The Drop Box example is perfect. I personally use this service to upload documents that I need to share with colleagues, as well as music files and photos. And I don’t have this stuff anywhere else. Since the Cloud can work with 3G too, this means that you can basically do almost anything with your smartphone, and then store the outcome on the Cloud safely.
Video about Dropbox and how it can benefit a cloud smartphone user

Virtual Apps

You can also now ‘virtually download’ apps for use on your cloud smartphone

virtually download apps for use on your cloud smartphone

You can also now virtually download apps for use on your cloud smartphone. This means that an app does not have to be stored on your smartphone, and therefore it does not have to take up precious space. Instead, it is kept on the Cloud, so you end up with the use of an app that you have purchased, but the app itself exists on the Cloud.

And this means big things for people around the world too. All you need is a browser on your smartphone, and you can access the Cloud. So just imagine that you need to get an important piece of information to someone who lives in a country where a computer workstation is a rare thing. If smartphones are around, you can easily send a large PDF file via the Cloud to a colleague, because they will have a browser on their phone.

Cloud Servers

Information uploaded via your cloud smartphone is potected on a cloud server

Data uploaded via your cloud smartphone is potected on a cloud server

Well, the current state of play is that yes, servers can break down (even Google can break), but the sheer quality of the back up plans that companies have is incredible. Everything has a back up online, and your data and information is always secure. This means that Cloud server staff will not access your data, they will just look after it. And if the office has a power cut, the huge servers will protect your data until the stuff can be brought back online.

So do we think the Cloud Smartphone is the Future
We see the mobile Cloud in all of it’s guises including the cloud smartphone becoming a major part of the way we go about our daily lives in the very near future.

Since we are not yet in a position where we can have huge amounts of storage (120GB+) on our smartphones, backing up to the Cloud makes perfect sense. And the fact that practically anyone with a smartphone (and there are more out there than you think) can access the Cloud means that it is almost like a new kind of virtual mobile hard drive for the future. Watch it grow, and watch as new cloud smartphones come out that can use the Cloud even quicker than we do today.

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