Intel’s Ivy Bridge to Revolutionise the Smartphone market

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Intel to Revolutionise the Smartphone and Tablet markets

Intel has announced today the launch of a revolutionary new low power CPU called Ivy Bridge, this new 22-nanometre processor is set to revolutionise the Smartphone and tablet markets according to Intel.
Intel claim that the Ivy Bridge chip will deliver exceptional improvements in performance with reduced energy usage, which in turn provides longer battery life for devices like Smartphone’s and tablets. It seems like Intel had mobile devices on their mind when designing this CPU as the new chip provides unique ultra low power benefits for use in hand held devices as well improved performance.

Ivy Bridge

The first wave of production for the new processor will be for desktop computers, with further production for smaller laptops coming later in the year.According to Intel, Ivy Bridge incorporates new 3D tri-gate technology and offers 20% more performance while using 20% less power.
Intel Said

Ivy Bridge is set to revolutionise the Smartphone and tablet markets

Ivy Bridge is set to revolutionise the Smartphone and tablet markets

Smaller is Better
Transistor size and structure are at the very center of delivering the benefits of Moore’s Law to the end user. The smaller and more power efficient the transistor, the better. We continue to shrink our manufacturing technology which has enabled us to deliver series of “world firsts”: 45nm with high-k/metal gate in 2007; 32nm in 2009; and now 22nm with the world’s first 3-D transistor in a high volume logic process.

With a smaller, 3-D transistor, Intel can design even more powerful processors with incredible power efficiency. This new technology enables innovative micro architectures, System on Chip (SoC) designs, and new products–from servers and PCs to smart phones, and innovative consumer products.
It seems that maybe the Smartphones we use today could be considered not to be smart at all, in a few years or maybe months time will we see the first ultra-phones? It makes you wonder where this exponential growth in processor and communications technology is taking us?

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