Checking Tyre Pressure Made Easy – With Mobile Apps

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Checking Tyres Pressure Made Easy – With Mobile Apps

Maintaining optimal tyre pressure is an important part of driving safety and comfort. Yet often, checking the pressure of the tyres gets the lowest priority when it comes to vehicle/tyre maintenance. This is possibly because you have no idea what the optimal pressure on your tyres should be. So naturally, you don’t know whether your tyres are under inflated or over inflated. The question is how to tackle this issue?

The answer is simple – mobile apps for checking tyre pressure

Mobile apps for tyre pressure provide the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle. Tyre pressure checking apps available for both android as well iphones, display the optimal pressure for your tyres.

Tyre pressure checking apps


TyreSafe Tyre pressure checking app

TyreSafe Tyre pressure checking app

The iphone app launched by TyreSafe displays the correct pressure for your front and rear tyres, if you input your car registration details. The TyreSafe iphone app is free to download.

Tyre Pressure Checker

Tyre Pressure Checker app.

Tyre Pressure Checker app.

A similar mobile app called the ‘Tyre Pressure Checker’ is available for the android phones. In this case too, when you input the vehicle registration details, the optimal pressure is displayed.

And in both cases, you can save the pressure details on your phone. Now you have a ready reference for the tyre pressure, whenever you want and wherever you are. Both apps allow you to save the tyre pressure in the unit you are comfortable with – bars or psi.

Mobile apps for tyre pressure provide tyre pressure for different conditions

Ideal tyre pressure varies depending on factors such as load speed

Ideal tyre pressure varies depending on factors such as load speed

Ideal tyre pressure varies depending on factors such as load speed, etc. The mobile phone apps for tyre pressure take into consideration these factors too. For instance the ‘Tyre Pressure Checker’ has a vehicle information page that shows the maximum loads safe for your tyres. It also provides information on the ideal pressure at different load levels. Thus you know that your ideal tyre pressure, if you are going off on a week long driving holiday with family and luggage in tow, is different as compared to the pressure you would have to set for the daily commute to office.

Advantages of Mobile Tyre Pressure Checking Apps

The optimal tyre pressure is in the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook

The optimal tyre pressure is in the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook

Well, the foremost advantage is that you have easy access to the right information. The optimal tyre pressure is always mentioned in the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook. But it is possible that the book may be misplaced and naturally you do not carry the book with you everywhere. But the mobile phone is always with you and wherever you are, at the click of a button, you know what you recommended tyre pressure is.
And the convenience of having the right information readily should motivate you to check the pressure frequently, which is the ultimate aim of this app.

Are there any Disadvantages of Mobile Tyre Pressure Apps?

Well, they can only provide you with the information, but you have to act on it. There is no substitute for physically checking the pressure with a pressure gauge.
Some of the apps are not free, but the tyre pressure app is still worth the investment.

Obviously, if you do not have a smart phone, you cannot use the app. You have the fall back on the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook for information. The pressure information is also available inside the fuel filler cap.

Remember the app is not important. What is important is periodic checking of the tyre pressure.

This article is a guest post by Azzam, ecommerce manager for Tyre Shopper, provider of an online tyre pressure tool and the No.1 online tyres retailer in the UK

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