The Android Amazon Kindle App Review

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The Android Amazon Kindle App Review

E-readers have grown extremely popular in the last few years, as the world is becoming more and more digital at an exponential rate. Now, what started with e-books that we were able to read on our laptops and PCs, has turned into portable digital e-books.

Amazon Kindle App

The Amazon Kindle App is available on Android via Google Play

The Amazon Kindle App is available on Android via Google Play

Today, though, there is an increasing number of people that are opting for downloading e-book reading applications on their tablets and smartphones, rather than having to carry around a completely separate device for their e-books. The Amazon Kindle is one of the e-readers to hit the market in the last few years and to be sure, it was a popular device when it first came out, and still is popular today. Amazon always tends to keep up with the market, though, and since they realize that e-reader apps are becoming popular they have since developed an Amazon Kindle application for the Android. Now not only are people using the Amazon Kindle E-Reader but they are also using Kindle on Android, surely a good marketing move on the part of Amazon.

How the Android Amazon Kindle App. Works

To use the Amazon Kindle application Android users simply must download the free application and then start downloading e-books from the Kindle store. Users have many options regarding such settings as text size, alternative views, and background color, just to name a few, making the e-books easy to read for anyone. Once you’re ready to download books it only takes a minute or two before the download is complete and you can read your Kindle book on your Android. Obviously Android Kindle app users are able to read Kindle books, newspapers, and magazines on their smartphone or tablet but that is not all they can do with the Kindle app.
Amazon Kindle App For Android Tablets

Users are also able to shop for such publications through their device as well. In addition, those individuals that already use a Kindle can easily transfer their books from one device to the other, with the last page read saved, along with any highlights, bookmarks, and notes that the user has saved as well. In addition, the Android Kindle app also allows users to select different languages to read in as well, a feature that could be very useful for individuals who do a lot of traveling, as language publications are surely on the Kindle book list. Basically the Android Kindle app does everything that the Amazon Kindle does.

Pros of Using the Amazon Kindle App. for Your Android

  • Fewer devices to carry around if you must have an e-reader.
  • App. is free for Android device users.
  • Simple to use.
  • Multiple personalization options

Cons of Using the Amazon Kindle App. for Your Android

  • Known technical issues involving crashing.
  • Tendency to drain the battery life of Android devices.
  • Fewer options than the actual Kindle.

The Android Kindle app definitely allows users to carry fewer devices, but there are also fewer options than users have when they use an actual Kindle device. Other than that the Android Kindle app is a great alternative to buying and/or carrying around another device.

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