Long Drives iOS App Review – Improve Your Game of Golf

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Long Drives iOS App Review – Improve Your Game of Golf

In the spirit of full disclosure, we hereby admit that our skills relating to the world of golf and long drives are severely limited. Extremely, drastically limited. Need a visual? We’re still locked in a heated rivalry with that windmill on the last hole at the local mini-golf.

Pathetic lack of golf skills notwithstanding, in this article we are going to talk about the iOS Long Drives app.

From our meager understanding of what a good golfer can actually do when using real clubs on an actual course which does not feature clowns, we have to say we’re instantly impressed with Long Drives informative nature. Here’s a brief review for those who frequent actual, grown-up golfing venues for reasons other than driving recklessly in those awesome little carts.

Long Drives – What it is

At first glance we were expecting “Long Drives – HIT THE LONGEST DRIVES OF YOUR LIFE” to be a golfing game – not so. This is a full expert tutorial, delivered by none other than Jay Golden. Golden is a PGA pro of 35 years of play and teaching under his belt. He’s worked with legends of the game such as Arnold Palmer, Sandy Lyle and Steve Marino and has several books and articles on golf to his name. In short, this guy knows his stuff.

How Does it Work

You’ve probably watched tutorials on a variety of subjects on YouTube and other, more specialized sites. Long Drives is a bit like those, just much, much better and more professional. Golden delivers his instructions in easy to understand, simple breakdowns. If we can make sense of this stuff, we can only imagine how readily understandable this will be to real golfers.

Golden takes you through ten essential steps to completing and improving your long drives.

Golden takes you through ten essential steps to completing and improving your long drives. He starts with what’s going on in your head, addressing the proper state of mind for that ultimate long drive. This was our first clue as to why we’re stuck on mini-golf – apparently ‘frantic’ is not a proper mindset for the serious long drive achiever. Who knew?

What You Learn

The height of your tee, your hand positioning and the way you turn your body are all covered, among many other aspects of hitting that ultimate drive. This guy is thorough, and he means business. As casual as we are regarding the game, we’re shocked to feel a bit inspired. There’s a strange yearning in us to head out to the ‘real’ courses and try hitting a few, although we’re certainly not expecting Golden-esque results. We can, however, definitely see how the Long Drives app and its tutorials would be invaluable to both learners and serious golfer alike.

Topics Covered in Long Drives

Topics Covered in Long Drives include: Mindset/Attitude, Tee Height, Upswing, Power Sources, Hand Action, Powerful Arms, Body Turn, Coordination, Draw and finally the conclusion.


As apps go this one does exactly what it says on the tin, but you’d expect this from an app featuring a world renowned golfer wouldn’t you! We tested Long Drives on an Iphone 4S and the not so new new iPad it responded quickly to the touch on both.

Worth mentioning is the fact that since this is a video-based app instead of a cartoon-based game, it could take a bit longer to download than you may expect, however with modern 4G and Wi-Fi technologies being almost readily available everywhere these days we can’t see how you would have this problem.

Final Thoughts

All in all, as a tutorial app we highly recommend trying this one out for improving your long distance driving game. However if you’re as remedial as us, and not a user of the local driving range we’d suggest you get out there and practice practice practice as the lessons included will be difficult but ultimately help improve not just your driving but your overall game.

Those of you wanting to give your already-established game a boost, should have fun with this one and learn how to hit those dreamt of far away distances.

Earlier this week we interviewd Kevin Baker the inspiration and developer of Long Drives

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