Christmas Mcommerce to Hit a New High This Year at Over £1 Billion

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Christmas mCommerce to Hit a New High This Year at Over £1 Billion

In case you’re not familiar with the term, Mcommerce it simply means mobile shopping. It’s a term you’ll probably be hearing quite a lot in the few weeks remaing until Christmas, since Mcommerce is expected to account for over one £billion in money spent this holiday season. That’s a big jump from last year. Read on for what this means to you and to the growing mobile universe.

Consumers Feeling Safer with Mcommerce

A large portion of the leap in expected sales has to do with the fact that the average consumer is becoming more comfortable making purchases via their mobile. Just last year, only 8.2% of all e-commerce sales originated from a mobile device. Compared with the expected 20%+ of this years’ online sales, it’s clear that, as a society, we’re becoming much friendlier with our devices.

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Part of this has to do with increased purchase security and the comfort it brings. Just a few years ago, it felt downright shady to purchase anything via our tablet. Where was the information going? Now, thanks to secure checkout at virtually every retailer we’ve visited thus far, shopping on the go seems much safer.

Convenience of Mcommerce

While we still find the need to sit at the computer and complete our entire Christmas list, the convenience of mCommerce can’t be denied. You can check a few gifts off your list while on the bus, waiting in line or kicking back in a coffee shop. If you really want to go nuts, you can hit the sales and check out other stores’ pricing at the very same time. The possibilities, at least for the sale-conscious shopper, are deliciously endless.

What mCommerce Means for Consumers and Retailers

When it comes to consumers, Mcommerce is the decadent frosting on an already-yummy cake. There’s really no downside, as long as you stick with secure, known retailers. Upsides abound – in addition to convenience; there are exclusive sales and coupon codes dedicated to the mobile-shopping set.

For retailers, on the other hand, Mcommerce means some changes need to be made.

For retailers, on the other hand, Mcommerce means some changes need to be made. Physical stores have been worrying for years about what online shopping will do to their business. We’ve already seen the collapse of several large chains and radical modifications in others.

The new popularity of Mcommerce gives them something new to worry about – a strong mobile presence. Virtually every major store (and most tiny ones) are on the web. Adding mobile access, however, has turned from a nice, handy addition to a must-do-yesterday necessity. There’s no way to compete without it, especially with web giants like eBay and Amazon having their mobile presence firmly established for quite some time.

In the end, however, this makes for healthy competition and prices for consumers and, looking at the bigger picture, the economy. Retailers have known for years that the easier it is to buy, the more consumers will do just that. E-commerce was easy enough – you didn’t even have to get out of your jammies to go shopping. Mcommerce is taking that concept and running with it – now you don’t even have to find a computer!

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