Help! I Dropped My Mobile Phone in Water!

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Help! I Dropped My Cell Phone in Water!
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Whether it’s the pool or a big rain puddle, dropping your mobile phone in water can be disastrous (especially if it’s the toilet). The good news is there’s a simple trick you can use to dry out your phone. The bad news is it may not work. Even worse, you may have opted to save a couple bucks by not insuring your phone. Let’s take a closer look at how you can try to save your phone and why you should insure your next one.

Put It In Dry Rice

One of the easiest ways you can repair a phone that has been dropped in water is to place it in a zip top bag that is filled with dry rice. Leave the phone in the bag for at least 24 hours.

This method to save your mobile phone sometimes works but it has been known not to

The dry rice will wick away the moisture inside the phone. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t always work.

Check Your Paperwork

While your phone is drying in the rice, gather up the paperwork from your phone and look for the insurance coverage. If you’re unsure if you bought insurance, look at your billing statement. If you have insurance on your phone, you may be able to get it repaired or replaced free of charge.

Call Your mobile Phone Provider

If you find that you have insurance, call your mobile phone provider or visit a local retail location to see what can be done. Some insurance plans will only cover the cost of repair or up to the current value of the phone. This means that if your phone is even a few months old, you may not get much back from the company. If you have a good plan, it will cover the entire cost of the phone, no matter how the phone was damaged.

Pay to Have It Fixed or Replaced

If you don’t have insurance, you will be stuck paying for repair or replacement. This can be costly, especially if your phone is only a few weeks old.

Having your mobile phone repaired maybe the only option open to you.

Those that have purchased the latest generation of iPhone or Droid Razr could be out of a few hundred dollars. More importantly, even if you don’t repair or replace your phone, you may still be under contract with your mobile phone company. Image Source: Peretzp

Get Insurance!

Insurance is essential for your mobile phone, especially if you invest in an expensive phone that you can use for business, to fax online, and to integrate with your VoIP service. However, you do need to read the fine details about the plan. A good insurance plan will cover any damage that occurs to your phone, whether it was your fault or not. A good plan will also provide a replacement that has the same features or better.

Dropping your phone is water can sometimes be repaired, but having a good insurance plan with your mobile phone company ensures that even if your phone can’t be fixed, it can be replaced.

About the Author: Hal McInturf has dropped one too many mobile phones and never buys a plan without insurance now. He uses his phone for business and encourages all business owners on the go to learn about ringcentral and other cloud services.

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  • Can you get electrocuted if you take your cellphone out of the water with your hands?

    • prepay

      I seriously doubt it would, however I would have to look into this to be 100% certain 🙂

    • Ran Davies

      Absolutely not, because the maximum voltage inside a phone is about 5 volts.

      Electric shocks in the presence of water are related to mains appliances.

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