PicFX App Review: An Instagram Alternative?

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PicFX App Review: An Instagram Alternative?

The internet has been up in arms since the news that Instagram was to change its privacy policy broke, leading to misapprehensions about the photo-sharing service claiming the rights to all user’s pics. The Facebook-owned company has since backtracked, but not before loads of Instagram-mers voiced their outrage, saying they would leave and look elsewhere for their hazy photo-filtering needs.

PicFX – An Alternative?

It’s pretty handy then that there are other options for image tinkering. PicFX is a nifty photo editing app that promises all the same effects offered by Instagram and more. But is it as good as the original?

PicFX photo editing suite works in pretty much the same way as Instagram, giving users the option to edit a pic from their gallery or take a fresh image whilst within the app, using the device’s camera.

PicFX image effects

Once you have your photo cropped to the desired dimensions, you can select from over 100 effects and frames to create a really cool and unique-looking image.

There are loads of effects to choose from too, including Urban, Classics, Vintage, Cross Process, Premixed, Black and White, Scratches, Light, Textures, Space, Grunge and Frames. What’s even better is you can add multiple effects to images, meaning you can layer up as many effects as you like to give the image more ‘flavour’. There are loads more options than those offered by Instagram, and a whole host of new filters to try out.

Users can tap the screen to bring up the opacity and rotate controls too, and from here they can rotate any effect and adjust the opacity before saving the pic. The large horizontal slider allows users to preview images with every effect they have applied, so with the swipe of a finger they can see which effect best suits the image.

PicFX App Screens

Although PicFX has loads more editing options and effects than Instagram, it is not a social network in its own right. However, you do have the option to share your creations to all the usual social networking suspects including Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram itself.

It’s worth noting that if you do decide to share a PicFX photo via Instagram you won’t be able to add any more filters to it – when we tried to apply an Instagram filter before sharing it, the app crashed.

Aside from this, PixFX is a great little photography app, breathing new life into smartphone pics that would otherwise be pretty bland and boring. So if you’re wary of Instagram’s new terms of service, then download PixFX, turn your social network privacy settings to maximum, and get sharing your unique creations with only the people you want to see them.

You can download and enjoy PicFX for free on both Google Play and the Apple App Store

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