Instagram on Android – A Beautiful Way to Share Your World

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The Instagram Android application

Sharing your photos with friends and family isn’t merely a great way to relive past memories, it’s also an excellent way to create new ones. Instagram – a simple and easy-to-use Android app available for free from Google Play – lets you share your edited photos with friends and family in a snap. It’s indeed a beautiful way of sharing your world with those you love and care for.

Instagram – Share Your World

Instagram lets you choose from a great selection of filtered effects to add a completely new touch to the photos you take using your camera on your Android smartphone. You can use these filtered effects to make photos of even the most mundane moments very special for you and those you love and care for – and getting a chuckle or two out of them is a bonus. The app offers a wide selection of custom designed filters and borders to choose from. And the best thing about them is that they are totally free.

Instagram image editing

You can take and edit as many photos as you like and share them with others. Experiment with as many effects as you want. Keep the photos that turn out great and the ones that don’t turn out that great – well, you can either delete them or share them too to see what others think of them. You’d be surprised at how funny and absolutely hilarious some photos can turn out.

Common effects offered by the app include: X-Pro II (gives warm, saturated tones to your photos) Earlybird (fades and blurs the colours in your photos), Lomo-fi (gives a dreamy tone to your photos), Sutro (adds a sepia-like effect), Valencia (gives your photos true-to-life contrast), Inkwell (makes your photos black-and-white), Walden (makes your photos appear washed-out), Hefe (makes your photos appear fuzzy), Nashville (sharpens the images), 1977 (adds a ’70s flair to your photos),etc.

Front-facing and Rear-facing Camera Support

The app supports both front-facing and rear-facing cameras. You can use either one of the cameras on your smartphone to take photos for sharing with your family and friends. That means you won’t have to find someone willing to take your photo to be able to share your photos – you can easily do so by using the front-facing camera on your Android smartphone.

Interact with Family and Friends

Instagram enables you to share images and follow freinds and family

Instagram not only lets you share your photos in seconds with your family and friends, but also lets you follow their photos with a single click. You can also interact with them by commenting on the photos uploaded by them and having them comment on yours.

Share Your Photos on All Major Social Networking Sites

You can share your edited photos on all major social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare. Flickr will soon join the list of available sites.

Make Your Photos Full of Colour and Vibrance

You can use the app to make your photos more vibrant and colourful and bring out the detail in them. The app also offers Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift blur effects to add extra depth of field.

Give and Receive Likes

There is another way of letting your family and friends know that you like their photos. It’s simple and easy – all you have to do is give their photos a Like.

Instagram our Final Thoughts

If you don’t already have Instagram, get the app for your Android smartphone to be able to share your world with those you love. And please do let us know how you’re using Instagram for making your memories memorable in a fun way.

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You can download the Instagram App for FREE on Google Play

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