Could Mobile Phones Replace Landlines?

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Could Mobile Phones Replace Landlines?
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It is a fact that mobile phones have become an important part of everyday life. There are many people who feel incomplete without their mobile phone. People used to avoid using mobile phones and use landlines instead because of the higher cost of mobile phones, but the cost of using a mobile phone has come down in past few years allowing everybody to use their phones without having to worry about a big bill. Now the question arises, could mobile phones replace landlines?

The money you spend on a mobile phone contract does seem worthwhile when compared to the benefits you get while using it. But some people may find landline phones better than mobile phones when it comes to getting access to the internet or broadband, though mobile broadband is gradually improving day by day.

Mobile Phone Technology

One can use mobile phones to enjoy different kinds of activities related to communication including TV, Video Streaming, Music, Internet Browsing, Emails, Games and a lot more, which, of course, is not possible through a landline. People can easily have these services wherever and whenever they want through mobile phones. These small handsets also offer peace of mind as they are always with you so are handy for an emergency.

A mobile phone lets you stay connected with your family and friends round-the-clock which is definitely not possible through landlines. Features like an alarm clock, camera, calculator, notepad, telephone index and many others all help users with their day to day activities. Different kinds of applications in mobile phones have made it quite easy for people to keep pace with the hi-tech world.

Landline Phone Technology

Could mobile phones replace landlines?

Landlines were a necessity in the good old days technology has barely moved at all in the last twenty years. The days are gone when people had to wait at their homes or offices while expecting any phone calls from their nearest and dearest are gone. As long as you have a mobile then you can be contacted anywhere, 24/7/365, though if you do not want to be contactable a mobile phone can be a curse.

How Did We Manage Without Mobile Phones?

Mobile phones have made it possible for everybody to contact their family members or friends whenever they want. You can send emails, SMS, MMS to whoever you want to send it to in no time. You can also receive calls anytime while watching a movie or taking a bath or jogging in some nearby park. The portability of mobile phones makes all of this possible. These smart gadgets have definitely revolutionised the way we communicate.

Only Mobile Phones Have Cameras

Mobile phones and their inbuilt camera's

Mobile phones also allow users to capture any beautiful sight they come across through the great feature of an inbuilt camera. They allow people to listen to music anytime and anywhere. People can browse the internet and can gather information on different subjects through their mobile phones. And of course, any of these activities are not possible through landlines unless you attach a computer. These pocket sized handsets have become more popular than landline phones for sure. Landlines are gradually becoming a thing of past, and mobile phones are definitely leading the present era.

I think it will be a while yet before a landline becomes optional though; cost-wise a mobile phone will break your bank if you use it like a land-line, and there are still people who have no mobile phone. For now we need both.

Author: Phil Turner has been searching for the best iPhone deals because his daughter insists that that is the phone she wants.

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