Mobile Industry Predictions for 2013

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Predictions for the mobile industry in 2013
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With 2013 still only just getting going, predictions on almost everything seem to be gaining in popularity. It is an interesting exercise to try and understand what the future might hold, based on what we’ve seen in the past year. Today we’re talking about the mobile industry and what 2013 might possibly hold for it.

Mobile Industry Predictions

Last year was a great year for the mobile industry, in general. Bigger and better phones, new operating systems and updates of old ones, better connectivity- we saw it all in 2012. Here are a few ideas of the future.

LTE and Wi-Fi

LTE and WiFi predictions for the mobile industry in 2013

Mobile telephony is transformed with the presence of LTE on handsets. Phones will continue to woo potential clients with the promise of blazing speeds, reliable network and more comprehensive coverage. Phones with LTE, like the iPhone 5, Samsung’s Galaxy series, HTC One X, will rule the roost with more phones making serious attempts to go the LTE way. Carriers will embrace technology that will enable them to give their customers the promise of super-fast connectivity.
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Bring Your Own Device

The BYOD concept will rise in popularity. Enterprises will allow their employees to bring their own phones, tablets and other mobile devices to the place of work and plug into company requirements like file servers, email and databases. Employees will also be able to access their own personal information and apps, if they so require. This is a trend that shows no sign of quitting considering the Wi-Fi hotspots in buildings and the work saved for the IT department in rigging up user specific technology.

Smart technology

Technology has grown in leaps and bounds and 2013 will see some major trendsetters in mobile technology for sure. For instance, think about the smart glasses phenomenon. Not just Google, Vuzix has created interactive glasses too. The smart glass, set to debut in 2013, will feature internal memory, capture images and video and be a support for mobile applications. The smart glass is just the tip of the technology iceberg. 2013 will show us a whole lot more.

Windows 8 for the win

mobile industry predictions for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has something special on its hands with the latest edition of its operating system. Not only are computers the better for it, but the eagerness of mobile industry giants to get involved, from the likes of Nokia to HTC makes it evident that Windows Phone 8 is an operating system meant for great performing phones. The coming year should see the continued rise of this operating system and its cool Metro style interface.

Social gaming rules

Gaming has taken a whole new direction with the mobile phone increasingly becoming our arena of choice. 2013 will see the popularity of the social gaming concept, increase. An interesting way to interact socially with other online members, social gaming will see new games and bigger and better apps for the larger phones that have come into the market.

More devices

This isn’t a prediction but a surety- the coming year will offer us more in terms of devices- be it phones or tablets. Customers will have a lot to choose from and that’s good news. This is important because the mobile phone will become the hub on which we connect our worlds together. Maybe we’ll see multi-screen usage and a smooth seamless experience for the user.

The year ahead is looking exciting for the mobile industry!

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