Solutions to the Most Common iPhone Repair Issues

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The most common iPhone repair issues
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There’s no denying that the iPhone is an extremely popular piece of kit. This is thanks to many reasons – not least of which is Apple’s extraordinary talent for marketing and making their products desirable to a huge range of people. Apple also have a reputation for very solid build quality. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that iPhones are invincible – as those with more clumsy grips and experience with software errors will no doubt have realised.

iPhone Repair Issues

Thankfully, the popularity of the iPhone is such that any problem you encounter will have been solved by thousands of users before you. So without any further ado, here are the solutions to a few common iPhone repair problems. For iPhone screen replacement, though, you’ll have to go to a professional.

Replacing the Battery

The iPhone does have something of a reputation for poor battery life, especially amongst older models. But just because your battery is terrible, doesn’t mean that you need a whole new phone. Replacing the battery is fairly cheap and is an easy repair to perform yourself – with other brands it’s as easy as sliding off the back cover, popping out the old battery and inserting a new one.

A common iPhone repair issue is the need to replace the battery.

The iPhone takes a little more work. Look at the dock connector on bottom of the phone – next to it will be two Pentalobe screws. Remove the back cover and find the single Phillips screw at the bottom left of the battery. Once this is gone, you can lift the battery out easily. A little tip – if you can, replace the Pentalobe screws with identically-sized Phillips ones as you replace the back cover. This will make future access simpler.
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iPhone Error Message: 13109

One of the most common software errors encountered by iPhone users is number 13109, which gives a message reading: ‘The iPhone cannot be synced. An unknown error has occurred’. Obviously this can be very annoying, especially as no actual reason is given for the failure to sync.

Some iPhone repair issues are caused by error messages.

Luckily, the solution is simple. Connect to iTunes and uncheck all the sync options – to music, podcasts, and everything else. Now sync your phone. This will clear all media from your iPhone, but everything will remain in iTunes. Power off and unplug the phone, then turn it back on and plug it in again. Re-check all the relevant boxes in iTunes and attempt to sync once more. This will take a while, but you should be free of the error message.

iPhone Error Message: 1618

This error is commonly encountered when trying to initiate a new download whilst one is already in progress. Fortunately, the fix is simple – simply power off and on again. If this does not fix the error, a hard reset may be required. To perform a hard reset, hold the sleep and home buttons simultaneously until the device switches itself off.

Author Peter Smith is a blogger, IT technician and general technology geek.

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