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The Snowman and the SnowDog App

The Holiday season might be officially over, but it’s still too early in the year not to reminisce about the festivity of this past Christmas. If your kids enjoyed The Snowman and the Snowdog – the sequel to the extremely popular 1982 short animated film The Snowman – aired this past Christmas, there is a way to prolong the festive fun for them and, of course, for you too. Yes, as surprising as it might sound, the official game from the film is now available as an Android app from Google Play and also on iOS.

Accompany the Snowman and the Snowdog on Their Journey

Help the Snowman and the snowdog explore the wintery world

The Snowman and the Snowdog is a great game for all the family that lets you savour the fun associated with the Holiday season by becoming a part of The Snowman and the Snowdog world and accompanying the main characters from the film on their journey to the North Pole.

An Easy-to-Play but Wickedly Entertaining Game

The game is very easy to play. But don’t let that fool you – it’s extremely engaging and entertaining. While accompanying the main characters from The Snowman and the Snowdog film as they journey through the film’s magical world – flying above the breathtaking environments from the film – you get to help them on their way. You do so by keeping their journey from ending by tapping and collecting snowflakes on the way in order to increase their flight time.

Explore the 3D World of the Snowman and the Snowdog

Like the film, the Full 3D world of the game has been rendered in an exquisite hand-drawn style. There is so much for your kids to do and explore in this game that there is no chance of anyone getting bored anytime soon.

Visit the London Eye with the Snowman and the SnowDog

Your kids can help the characters from the film reach the North Pole by keeping their journey from ending by collecting snowflakes, enjoy the beautifully rendered land and cityscapes and the famous English landmarks, such as The Shard, The London Eye, Big Ben, The Gherkin, the Crystal Palace Transmitter Tower, etc., as the characters fly over London on their way, look for several sets of collectable items, and, of course, roam around the 3D world, tapping and exploring everything from jigsaw pieces to Christmas fairies. They can either play alone or get you or their friends to help them.

Music from the Film’s Score to Sweeten the Deal

We have already mentioned that the game features breathtaking views from the film, but there is something else that really sweetens the deal. Yeah, you guessed it right – the game features music from the film’s score by Ilan Eshkeri. You and the kids couldn’t possibly ask for anything more in the game, could you?

The Snowman and The SnowDog – Hands On Video

Final Thoughts

As it is free on Google Play and Apple iOS why download this highly entertaining and engaging game for your kids (or yourself), and please share your and their thoughts with us after playing the game by leaving a comment.

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