DLNA in Your Smartphone – What is it and how does it work?

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What is a DNLA Certified Smartphone?

If you have a smartphone, or any number of other mobile computing devices for that matter, then you’re probably already using DLNA without even knowing it, and may have been for quite some time.

What is DLNA?

DLNA is an abbreviation for Digital Living Network Alliance, which is actually a non-profit organization committed to bridging the gap between digital technology and ease of use for consumers. The organization promotes the development and incorporation of compatible technologies and solutions for digital media and multimedia devices, including smartphones.

DLNA Technology explained

DLNA is also a term that’s been adopted for describing devices that include sharing enabled functionality. In other words, a DLNA smartphone is one that includes the technology necessary to allow you to easily take advantage of multiple forms of media that utilize the technology of a range of service providers, and all from your single, simple to operate smartphone.

What does DLNA mean for you?

Currently, most DLNA smartphones allow you to do a number of things, including accessing different forms of media from your phone, sharing media with others who also have smartphones and internet access, and downloading and listing to music and downloading and viewing images and movies.

What are the Other Things DLNA can do?

DLNA smartphones continue to get more efficient, as other digital technologies make their way into average homes. With the increase in digital capability in the average household, DLNA smartphones make it possible to have handheld access to almost any digital device in the home, including everything from a wireless internet computer to a wireless ready television, DVR, or MP3 device.

Allshare App on the Samsung Galaxy Note uses DLNA

That means you can send or share music between your smartphone and your MP3 player, without a wired connection. It also means you can send images to your television or receive streaming video or still photos from your television or even your DVR, provided you have the appropriate interactive applications to accomplish the task.

Is Every Smartphone DLNA Capable?

Though DLNA is quickly making its way into handheld devices from multiple providers, it’s not yet a standard feature in all models. If you’re looking to increase your interconnectivity and ease of use and sharing, then you’ll want to consider making your next smartphone a DLNA certified model. Essentially what this means is that the smartphone you buy will be certified by the DLNA organization as meeting the interconnectivity and sharing standards the non-profit has established across the industry.

Got Any Questions?

If you want to know more about DLNA visit the official dlna.org website or feel free to ask any questions you may have here, we will try and answer them for you!

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The images within the article body where taken on a Samsung Galaxy Note

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