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There’s just no denying how popular the iPhone and iPad have become over the last few years, it seems as though nearly everyone has one or the other. A growing phenomenon on such devices is the playing of games, so if you’re looking for new iPhone or iPad games to play in 2013. Why not check out the games listed in this article.

New iPhone & iPad games to play in 2013

Skyrise Runner 1.0.1

This game has been awarded four stars according to Top Ten Reviews, the highest rating possible on the site. This is a fast-paced game where you have to run through a forest and collect power-ups, crystals and other items that you need to beat the game and get to the end. If you are capable of beating the game and getting to the end, you will find out what the mystery is behind your tribe (the Skyrunners.)

Skyrise Runner is an one of those iPad and iPhone games that will keep you occupied for ages

You defiantly won’t be bored because this game offers 60 different levels that you have to beat keeping you entertained. This is available as both iPhone & iPad Games from the Apple App Store .

Top Stylist 2013

If you love fashion this is an iPhone app that you must have! You are given a variety of clients in this game that you are responsible for dressing from head to toe! Not only, that, but your clients give you feedback and tell you if they are satisfied with how you dressed them via a “happy meter!” You will find out that your clients all have different tastes in fashion from trendy, to casual, to classic and even modern. Your job is to build a reputation so that you can get more clients and of course earn more money and become a top stylist.

Angry Birds Star Wars

The ever popular Angry Birds has now travelled to a galaxy far far away…….! With a Star Wars version. The game is NOW free, and requires iOS 4.3 or later before you can play it. This Star Wars version offers new levels, new features and of course new characters.

Available as both iPhone and iPad games is Angry Birds Star Wars

If you are tired of the original Angry Birds, then this game is for you! Even the red birds have a new role in this game; they have been transformed into Luke Skywalker! The only downfall reported is that in order to complete this game and beat it, you will have to make in-game purchase! Angry Birds Star Wars is available as both iPhone & iPad Games from the App Store


This game is completely free! And will provide you with hours of fun because it offers 15 different levels and more than 50 achievements which you can earn. There are also six different Splatties. The Splatties come in numerous sizes, which increase the difficulty of the game. Not only that, you will also have Super Splatties once you make it to the more difficult worlds. This game is very easy to learn but don’t let that fool you; it is also very fun to play and addictive.


Are you addicted to word games? If so, you can’t pass up this game. This game now free and requires iOS 4.3 or later on your iPad or iPhone. This isn’t your typical word game. This one challenges you in a variety of ways. You have several setup options along with special-purpose tiles allowing you to take advantage of numerous situations as well as avoid mishaps.

WordsWorth is available as both iPhone and iPad games

An advantage of WordsWorth is it allows you select the size of the grid you want. It offers three modes ensuring you never get bored while playing it. The modes are the classic mode, the timed mode, and the tumble mode. WordsWorth is available as both iPhone and iPad games via the App Store

Why not try some new iPhone and iPad games this year. The games listed in the article will provide you with enough entertainment to last you the entire year. Be warned though, playing games can be highly addictive; your family and friend may start to wonder what happened to you!

Author: Jason Phillips is a game freak and has loved to play video games since childhood. He has played almost every game from the site Truck Games 365 and reached the higher level in every game.

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