Smartphone Market – Picks you Up! Then Puts You Down

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Fickle Smartphone Market – Picks you Up! Then Puts You Down

The Smartphone business is a fickle one, one year you can be up, the most popular guy on the street and the next be dragging your feet behind what were previously unlikely competitors. Recent mobile industry history has taken many by surprise, with even the biggest companies not being immune from these troublesome times.

Smartphone Manufacturer Ups and Downs

Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola and even HTC have seen their sales and market share dramatically reduce in recent years. This means that the only thing remaining constant is that if you don’t continue to innovate and change your Smartphone products to create or anticipate consumer needs then you will end up suffering for it.

Samsung sees huge profit increase

Samsung recently announced that its profits increased by a massive 76% in the last quarter (3 months) of 2012; this was mainly due to the increase in sales of its Galaxy Smartphone range. After tax income rose to a record 7.04tn won (£4.2bn or $6.6bn), a rise from 4.01tn won in the same period a twelve months earlier. This beat industry analysts’ predictions.

Samsung sees its Smartphone profits increase

Samsung said its profits from the mobile industry sector more than doubled over the same period. And in what was great news for the Korean manufacturer, last year Samsung became the world’s largest Smartphone maker, taking the position from Apple, its main competitor in the sector.

Apple shares fall 12% on growth fears

In surprisingly contrasting news, Apple has seen its share price fall by 12% as investors have become concerned over whether the company can hold on to its perceived dominance in the Smartphone market. Apple’s has recently been hit hard with £32bn ($50bn) being wiped from its value after the biggest daily drop in the firm’s stock in four years.

Poor sales of Apple's iPhone 5 smartphone have helped to devalue the company

Record quarterly revenue of $55bn has not been enough to overcome disappointing iPhone 5 sales and flat profits. Industry analysts are concerned that the company could become a casualty of its own success. Recently, shares in a few of Apple’s key Asian suppliers also fell.

Back From the Dead?

The highly anticipated launch of BB10 the saviour of RIM and its ailing Blackberry Smartphone brand is due to launch on the 30th of January. With over $1bn being spent on getting it right and the launch of new handsets like the Z10, Blackberry could be on its way back! Watch this Space for more news….

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