Android Kindle App – Is This an App for Every Reader?

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The Kindle App on Android

No longer is the ownership of a Kindle necessary in order for users to take advantage of all the media options Kindle offers. Now, thanks to the Kindle app for Android and iOS, which utilizes Whispersync technology, users of Android and iOS smartphones & tablets are able to enjoy the same media access and sharing advantages that were previously only available to those who owned a Kindle device.

For this review we have tested the App on the Android OS however id you’d prefer it is available on iOS.

What does the Android Kindle App do?

The Kindle app gives you instant access to millions of books, magazines, newspapers and other media, all in high resolution and brilliant colour.

You can access everything from free, full length masterpieces at the Kindle store, to contemporary bestsellers, to popular periodicals. In addition, the app also provides the other benefits of Kindle devices, including browser access through Google, as well as Wikipedia and dictionary access, which means you can learn more about what you’re reading with just a simple tap of your figure on the touchscreen.

Download a Sample Before Buying

The Hobbit on the Kindle App

The Kindle app allowed us to easily search for different books, and then before paying, download a sample chapter to get the feel of using the app. We chose Tolkien’s the Hobbit, and we’re surprised at how easy it was too read!

What else can you do with the Android Kindle App?

The accessibility of media is just the beginning with the Kindle App. There’s so much more that comes with this innovation. Here are a few of the highlights.

Purchase Ebooks

Purchase Ebooks with the Kindle App

The Kindle store inventory is at your fingertips, but so are ebooks from a variety of other sources. You can purchase ebooks that are Kindle ready and view them on your Android device without glitches or delays.

Customize Your Reading Experience

Customizable settings allow you to set the screen appearance, including font size, background, brightness and layout or orientation for your ebooks and other reading.

Sync Devices

The Kindle Android app with Whispersync technology allows you to sync your devices to allow for smooth transition from one device to another without missing a single word of what you’re reading. The sync feature lets you leave off reading anywhere on any of your synched devices and pickup reading from the same page on any other synched device.

Sync between devices with the Kindle App

That means no more keeping track of what page you were on or jumping from one device to another to access your saved bookmarks or notes. The Whispersync technology is compatible with PC and Mac computers and Android and Apple devices, including: Blackberry, iPhone, iPod touch, and even Windows Phones.

Sample Media

With the Kindle Android app you can sample ebooks and other media before you commit to buy, which most ebooks providing you access to as much as the first chapter without requiring payment.

Is This Kindle App for Every Reader?

To be honest we couldn’t find anything to fault it on either testing device (Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Acer Iconia A500) however having never used it on the Kindle reader itself we probably weren’t set up for a fall when using this Android version.

If you head over to Google Play you will find people who aren’t at all happy with the Kindle app, with some people saying they have trouble with Syncing, Force closing, No categories to organize your collection in & more!

So is it for every reader? Well the answer is anyone’s guess, we suggest you give it a try, in our experience many of the issues experienced by people can be device specific (Depends on your Smartphone) I’m sure the publisher “Amazon Mobile LLC” will be paying close attention!

Written By Darren Wall aka prepay

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Images Taken Via Galaxy Note 2 Snapshot Feature

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