CES 2013 – Smartphone Roundup!

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CES 2013 – Smartphone Roundup

For anyone in the technology field and for consumers intrigued with new tech, the annual Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is a much anticipated event. The 2013 show which recently concluded in Las Vegas, introduced attendees and the press to a myriad of new tech. Some of which fell in to our favorite category “mobile technology”, this included several impressive looking new smartphone models, BIG phones, and other related devices. Here’s a roundup of handsets launched at CES 2013 which you’ll want to check out.

Smartphones at CES 2013

While the world stage for new phone launches is typically CES, this year’s showing was a bit meager, at least in terms of mobile tech from the big names in the contemporary mobile phone market. That being said, there were some impressive models from some of the lesser known manufacturers , including ZTE, Huawei, and the struggling Sony which is making efforts to recapture some of its previously held mobile phone market.

Sony Xperia Z

Though Sony has been all but absent from the competitive stage for some time, CES 2013 may show the company trying to get back on its feet. Namely, it’s the introduction of the new waterproof Xperia Z that has some people talking. Though far from high profile, the model is no less important to the advancement of mobile tech on a grander scale.

Sony Launched the Xperia Z at CES 2013

The Xperia Z is a premium device and appears to be Sony’s best proposition to date, thanks to a quad-core, 1.5GHz processor, Android Jelly Bean operating system (OS) and headlining 5-inch full HD display; the first ever full HD handset.

ZTE Grand S

China’s ZTE, which up to this point had kept itself out of the spotlight to a certain extent; jumped right on the market at center stage this year in Vegas, introducing the world’s thinnest to date, quad-core, 5 inch phone. The model is the Grand S and measures up in terms of initial specs despite its thin disposition, coming in at just under 7 mm in thickness. A truly impressive feat from the less well known ZTE.

Huawei Ascend Mate

Another Chinese company, Huawei, which while perhaps slightly better known than ZTE, is still not a major player on the global mobile tech stage – that is until now. Huawei’s introduction of the Ascend Mate and other models at CES 2013 may just give the company the kick it needs to really be in on the competition this year.

Huawei Ascend Mate Launced at CES 2013

The Ascend Mate is among the BIG phones trending today. It features a 6.1 inch display and has many questioning where the line is actually drawn between tablets and phones, while others have decided to accept the concept of a hybrid phone/tablet category, which is why the word “phablet” has been making its way around the net in the past months.

In any event, the Ascend Mate, while not quite there yet, it is inching its way to the title of biggest mobile phone in the world. Samsung may not give up the title so easily though, but here’s betting Huawei continues to vie for the title with future releases.

Other Interesting Tech

CES isn’t just about finished tech. It’s also about advancements in component technology, or the technology that goes into creating dynamic consumer electronics. As such, there were a number of new processors that made big waves at the 2013 CES, including Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 and Nvidia‘sTegra 2.

2013 is Going to be a Great Year

Don’t think for one minute that the CES 2013 show will have the last word on this year’s big handset releases “It Won’t” The mobile industry is a fast mover with new rumors like the iPhone 6, iPad 5 and an 8 inch Galaxy Note already making us mobile lovers drool.

It seems there’s a lot to look forward to in 2013 and we can’t wait! Oh don’t forget to lookout for our Blackberry 10 launch day Coverage via twitter at @prepayasyougo TOMORROW!

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