iPhone 5 games – An Interesting and Awesome Choice

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iPhone 5 games - An Interesting and Awesome Choice
Jason Phillips

The iPhone 5 is the newest addition to the Apple iPhone lineup. With increased memory, capabilities and technological enhancements, it did not take long for gamers and application developers to begin exploring ways to use this new mobile device for serious game play. If you have one of these new phones but are unsure of what you should be playing, consider the games that are already taking the iPhone 5 world by storm.

A Selection of iPhone 5 Games to Choose From

Zombie Farm

It is hard to go online today or onto a social media application without individuals making requests for neighbors at this virtual farm or that. Well, iPhone 5 is capitalizing on this love of farming in a new application known as Zombie Farm. Just like in these other games, there is the planting, sowing, and plowing of fields in this virtual farm zone.

The iPhone 5 game Zombie Farm

Zombie Farm has added a new twist to this game. Zombies and dead bodies are part of the harvesting process and individuals will interact with different threats to their farms, both natural and unnatural. A free game, it is a top played choice with little to no investment needed.
You can download this from the app store

Asphalt 7: Heat

One of the games that iPhone 5 users are enjoying is Asphalt 7: Heat. As the name would suggest, this is simply the latest installment in this gaming collection and has a devoted fan base already in place. For these fans and those that just love a great racing game, Asphalt 7: Heat fits directly into this niche and genre. Designed specifically for the iPhone 5’s larger screen, users are able to operate over fifty different vehicles that range from the beautiful to the extravagant.

asphalt 7 heat for the iPhone 5

Gamers have the option of cars like Aston Martins, Ferraris, and more. Even the DeLorean makes an appearance in this application. The graphics are stimulating and enthralling as well. There are nearly twenty racetracks available for gamers to test their skills and different cities around the world serve as the backdrop.
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Not yet released but already generating a buzz is the game known as StickWars. StickWars is a militaristic game utilizing stick figures instead of realistic avatars. Sitting atop a fortress wall, a player will want to keep their castle area free from the fellow stick figure invaders.

iPhone 5 game stick wars

Use your military team to block their paths and prevent them from scaling the castle walls or try casting a devious spell that will stop the venue from being emblazoned. This is a top choice and gaining buzz already.
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Superbrothers: Sword &Sworcery

Looking for a mythical game to play on your mobile device? Superbrothers: Sword &Sworcery may be just the game. Traversing the fantastical world of graphically heightened woods, the player will have to battle against different mythical threats using—as the name suggests—a sword to battle through.

Superbrother Sword and Sworcery on the iPhone 5

This game has a high following and is available for purchase at less than three dollars, making it an affordable gaming option .
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Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is a test of wills and talent. The game involves a character named Barry, controlled by the user, traveling through a world of coins and prizes, collecting as much as they can while riding on the back of a mechanical dragon.

JetPack JoyRide on the iPhone 5

The character is not without facing troubles, however, and must avoid many different pitfalls to reach different game level goals. There are cross level goals that can be completed in multiple runs or those that must be completed in one level. This gives the game goals and strategy all in one..
Download for the iPhone 5 from the App Store

Many More

There are many games gaining in popularity on the iPhone 5. Some of these gaming options have been around for some time and transferred to the new platform. Others have been designed specifically for the iPhone 5’s features. Many are available for low to no cost and that means more fun for you no matter where you are.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips is a regular guest contributor and has written many high quality posts for the site Sonic Games 365. He loves playing video games at his free time.

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