Intel Needs – Windows phone expertise?

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Intel Needs – Windows phone expertise?

Hoping to make an impact at the mobile world congress later this month with new handsets and tablets, Intel has taken to LinkedIn and posted a job opportunity which specifically tries to attract the interest of Windows Phone Engineers.

Intel Chips for Windows Phone?

Why? I hear you “cry” Well currently Windows Phone runs on ARM with Qualcomm being the exclusive chip supplier. Intel must see some kind of opportunity to advance here and has decided to take some action. Also seeing as LinkedIn is no stranger to mobile industry recruitment drives with the previous one being a job related to the development of the Motorola X Smartphone, Intel’s is not surprising.

Job Description

Intel would like to talk to you. If you have Windows phone expertise, the Intel site in Redmond would like to talk to you…….

Experience: Mid-Senior level
Functions: Engineering, Design
Industries: Computer Software, Computer Networking, Computer Hardware

Long Term Plans

As playing roles within the mobile industry goes Intel is still a small time player, yes they’ve had some previous success with handsets like the Orange San Diego and the Motorola RAZR I. But to truly compete they need to expand their horizons and maybe them requesting to talk to people with Windows Phone experience is a sign of things to come.

Intel in a Windows Phone?

Having gained experience working with Android manufacturers using its x86 Atom architecture it’s not surprising that a company with Intel’s pedigree would look to expand its mobile industry reach.

And with Greg Sulivan, senior product manager for Windows Phone recently saying the following in a recent interview

“Our architecture is such that it’s hardware independent. For the same reason that Windows 8 [tablets] could run on ‘Wintel’, right now Windows Phone is on Qualcomm. We have a portable OS architecture.”

Who could blame Intel for trying?

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