Dragontrail Glass Takes on Gorilla Glass in Mobile Display Market

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Dragontrail Glass to Take on Gorilla Glass

Competition in the mobile market isn’t all just about smartphones, tablets, or even the burgeoning market of “phablets” or giant phones. There’s a great deal of stiff competition in the mobile components market as well, including perhaps most prominently, the vying for top-of-the-line status among producers of ultra strong mobile displays, as is witnessed by Dragontrail Glass and the recent move to stage itself as the first practical competition for the up-to-now market-cornering Gorilla Glass.

What’s Dragontrail Glass?

Ashai, Japan’s biggest glass producer, just tossed its hat in the ring for mobile display market competition, introducing the world to the specs of Dragontrail Glass, a new, more durable, and flexible material for mobile phones and other mobile device displays.

Dragontrail Glass boasts a durability rating that makes it six times stronger than traditional glass. And unlike many more durable varieties of glass on the market today, Dragontrail doesn’t lose any of its pristine clarity by achieving flexibility or durability. Instead, Dragontrail Glass presents displays that are as crisp and clear as can be with any contemporary mobile display, including those offered by Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

Dragontrail Glass strength test

Dragontrail doesn’t just give the competition a run for its money either. It holds up to incredible durability and flexibility tests. In fact, at the press event hosted by Ashai, introducing the world to this impressive new display glass, Dragontrail Glass proved itself to be stiff competition in deed. At the event, reporters were given the opportunity to attempt to scratch the glass with keys and otherwise damage the samples presented, all to no avail. Additionally, Dragontrail Glass was also put to a flexibility test for press, with a tiny sliver just one millimeter in thickness withstanding a whopping 132 pounds before breaking.

The Competition

Display screen material, like everything else in the mobile device market, has a range of producers, some of whom far outrank the competition. Top of the line and high profile devices, iPhones included, have traditionally featured Gorilla Glass screens from the market’s biggest producer of highly durable and crystal clear display presentation screens, Corning.

Corning has held the market niche on best-of display screens for a number of years, being the only producer of a fairly durable, if still somewhat fallible, mobile display screen; however, the introduction of the new “Dragontrail Glass” from Japan’s Ashai is bound to change the mobile phone market for good, and for the better too. After all, Gorilla Glass still scratches and even breaks on occasion, incidents which promise to be significantly less frequent in the future with mobile devices that feature the new Dragontrail.

What does this Mean for Consumers?

Competition in any industry is a good thing, as it drives improvements and also makes products ultimately more affordable. Currently, Gorilla Glass holds the majority of the high end or high profile mobile device display market, bringing in about a billion dollars in revenue annually. However, with the introduction of real competition finally through Ashai’s launch of Dragontrail, all that’s about to change. It’s projected that Dragontrail Glass will likely easily corner about 30% of the market in just a year’s time, with projected revenue in 2013 hitting right around $350 million.

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  • AW

    The I Phone used gorilla glass uo until Tim Cook the cost cutting destroyer changed it to cheap Chinese alternative … Now its strong plastic

    • Do you think the change had an effect on the popularity of the iPhone?

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