Ten new Developments in The Mobile Apps Industry

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Ten new Developments in The Mobile App Industry
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There are many new developments expected in the field of technology and especially in the mobile app industry. It is evident that there is increased growth in mobile consumer activity. Many daily business tasks can now be carried out online or via an app. This has encouraged the mobile app industry to continue releasing new innovative kinds of apps.

10 kinds of mobile apps

Here are 10 kinds of apps being developed by the mobile app industry

Business Apps

Business Apps

In the near future, there will be new developments in business apps for mobile devices. As it is now, many people are carrying out businesses on mobile devices such as smart phones. This is because the devices promote multitasking, save time and make work easier for businesses.

Mobile Payment Apps

The days of lining up to pay bills are over. Today, mobile users prefer to make payments through the use of their mobile gadgets. It is a convenient, fast and an easy method. The benefits will see huge growth in mobile payment app development.

Mobile Banking Apps

Natwest banking app

Banks and other financial institutions are providing their clients with mobile banking services. It is therefore expected that there will be many emerging new developments in the mobile app industry in regard to online financial services.

Apps for Mobile Enterprises

Many companies are beginning to appreciate the benefits in having a custom-made business mobile app. The demand is expected to rise since the app industry promotes mobile security in the business industry.

Mobile games Apps

Gaming apps

With continued use of the mobile games, you expect new developments in the games apps. Soon people will lose interest in the existing apps. This means that developers are expected to release new developments that are more challenging and sophisticated.

Social networking Apps

Social networking sites are continuing to feature new, different applications. This definitely means that there will be new developments to accommodate the changes.

Microsoft windows phone apps

Windows Phone Apps

Due to massive growth in the app business, the major app stores need a special app to help in marketing unique mobile apps. The app will help to attract consumers’ attention. Such is Microsoft Windows phone apps which will register new developments and continue to boom in the future.

Cloud-based Mobile Apps

Cloud computing is gaining popularity. Every industry is now keen on offering cloud-based services. This will promote new development of cloud-based apps.

Web-based Apps

The trend of using enterprise applications and cloud-based apps will persuade mobile apps developers to introduce new web-based apps into the market.

Location-Based Apps

All the above mobile app types require location based services in order to work efficiently. Location based features help developers to build a brand image and market their products and users to have a better in app experience. As you already know, mobile devices are designed to support GPS. Location based content is beneficial to the advertiser, marketer and developers too.


There are so many mobile platforms available on the market today, which means that there are literally hundreds of thousands of apps with just as many expected in the future. Developers have to create apps for mobile platforms such as BlackBerry10 OS, Windows Phone 7 & 8, Android, iOS and more. With each app developers have to conform to app submission rules so that their new developments are accepted in the app marketplace.

Author Jeffery G. Chandler is keen in observing how the mobile revolution is evolving and is quick at implementing strategies that aligns with it. The implementation of reviews such as the iLiving App review is his specialization.

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