PlayStation App Turns Smartphones into Second Screens

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PlayStation App Turns Smartphones into Second Screens

Sony recently announced the PlayStation 4, which means we in the press are getting our first chance at talking about what the next gen consoles will really be like. One of the things that will make this new generation different than the last is the console manufacturer’s push towards giving users a second screen. Sony has announced the PlayStation app, which is their play to try to entice users to use a second screen when they use the PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation App – What it means for Gaming

The next generation of gaming is going to be much more interactive than gaming has ever been in the past. Now that almost everyone has a smartphone and/or a tablet of some sort, Sony aims not only to give the gamer access to extra features, but to also give him or her access to social and “on-the-road” features as well.

One of the things that the PlayStation app will be able to do is to allow your friends to watch your gaming session remotely on their Android or iOS device. This is one of the PlayStation 4’s key features, and the PlayStation app will be a required part of it.

Remote play with the Playstation app

The app will also allow you to do things that help your gaming experience as well. Sony has suggested that users will be able to do such things as using the second screen to display the game map or a play in Madden. Of course this type of thing will require developer support, which is something Sony will have to deliver on if they hope to have this second screen strategy become successful.

Another interesting feature of the PlayStation app will be to allow you to purchase apps while you are away from your console. Assuming this feature actually works, this could mean that you could buy the next Modern Warfare while you are on the bus home and have it waiting for you on your PlayStation 4 when you walk into your living room. If it does work as well as they claim, that is going to be a great feature.

Does the PlayStation App Mean we have a Two Screen Future?

Personally I like the idea of the Playstation app and having a second screen for certain gaming instances. Especially the idea of being able to choose custom tactics whilst playing FiFa on my tablet, it’d be awesome if I could then do things like come up with custom tactics for wingers and strikers etc. As you can tell I’m a football fan, but this would work just as well for most other sports games as well.

The problem about second screens, at least for me, is that they could become distracting. If the developers use them too much, it could take away from game play instead of adding to it. For instance if I have to look down at my tablet every few minutes to get essential information, that would be too much; I have to want to look at the tablet at that particular moment in game play.

Final Thoughts

Finally, this second screen concept could change gaming forever if developers use it in creative and industrious ways. They may be able to use it for more than just seeing information on the second screen, but actually adding some game play right on the tablet.

I can’t wait for the PS4 and the Playstation app, what about you?

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  • The balance between adding value or adding distraction will be interesting

  • This sounds really cool – unfortunately – now I will have to buy yet another gaming system. For my son, of course! 😉

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