Interview with Jarmo Kukkola – Android App developer

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Interview with Jarmo Kukkola - Android App developer

Welcome to the seventh in our series of interviews with an Android, Windows Phone and iOS app developer. This week we are talking to the Finnish Android app developer Jarmo Kukkola who is the creator of the Diamond Valley Live Wallpaper app.

Interview with an Android App Developer

Jarmo has agreed to answer some questions about what motivated him to become an app developer, including why he chose Android and what inspired him to create his latest app.

So here we go!

Can you tell us a something about yourself?

I am 30 years old father, husband and passionate traveller from Finland. I am just about to finish my PhD in a technical, but not programming focused, field. Eventhough my software development studies have been very limited, I have always been interested in making software. At the moment, I am focused on making beautiful live wallpapers for Android.

When did you get serious about becoming an App developer?

When I was child, I enjoyed gaming and always dreamt that one day I would become a professional game developer. However my skills were not satisfactory at that time. For years, every now and again throughout my life, I would become re-motivated to try again, however mostly the time wasn’t right.

Finally when I was 28, so two years ago, I was playing poker with my friends and it started making me think: why I am playing a game, why am I not making my own!

As you can see I still had the passion, but unfortunately I still needed to acquire the skills to do it. This time I decided to learn everything that is needed, now after two years, I can’t believe how many things I’ve managed to learn. I even learned how to draw, which is a skill that I thought I would never possess.

Why Android apps and not iOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone?

I got originally re-motivated shortly after buying my first Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S). I did a lot of work to find the best way to develop software for Android. Finally I found a framework called LIBGDX, which is mainly designed for game development, but it is also excellent for other types of software. In fact LIBGDX supports iOS, but unfortunately my main focus, live wallpapers, are not supported there.

What motivated you to create Diamond Valley Live Wallpaper?

As an app developer Jarmo has created the Diamond valley live wallpaper app

I was developing a strategy game, which has a coloful square grid. I thought that the grid looked beautiful, so decided that it could work well as a live wallpaper. After the idea evolved a bit, Diamond Valley Live Wallpaper was born.

Do you see yourself continuing to develop for Android only?

I am planning to make a number of more beautiful live wallpapers in the near future. Also I would like to make a social cross-platform multiplayer game within the next couple of years.

Final Thoughts

Thanks Jarmo for agreeing to do this interview and for sharing your interests and motivations with our readers. I think your story shows that maybe sometimes passion requires more than just the desire to do something. Sometimes study and research is all that stands in the way of making dreams a reality!

If you would like to ask Jarmo questions about his experiences as an app developer or about anything else mentioned in this interview please comment here. Or go over to Twitter where he hangs out as @IndiumIndeed, or visit his Facebook page.

Next week we will be publishing a review of the Diamond Valley Live Wallpaper app Jarmo has been working on, so remember to come back and check it out!

Written By Darren Wall aka prepay

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