ZTE Blade 3 – Sharp Piece of Kit or Blunt Object?

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ZTE Blade 3 – Sharp Piece of Kit or Blunt Object?

If you’ve never heard of ZTE, you’re not necessarily in the minority. For many of us, this stealth presence in the smartphone market is not yet a household name. However, they’re the 4th largest mobile company in the entire world, ranked only behind Samsung, Apple and Huawei. They’re targeting the UK market through affordable mobiles with all the bells and whistles of more expensive alternatives. Their latest offering – the ZTE Blade 3 – is a decidedly welcome addition to the world of mobile options.

ZTE Blade 3 – The Basics

At first glance, the Blade 3 may not be too impressive. When spotting a new phone, people tend to do one or two things. They’ll either give you the “ooh, a new phone” look or the “ooh, a new phone” look. What’s the difference? One implies “Can I play with it? How fun! How cool! I want one!” While the other, sadly, implies “Been trash-diving for mobiles again, eh?”

Big difference

Happily, the ZTE Blade 3 won’t inspire either of these reactions. It blends in – which isn’t always a bad thing. The body is rather generic, but so are the body styles of the highest-end phones out there. This mobile simply won’t be noticed. If you’re stretching your paycheck just to keep up with food and rent, however, that’s hardly a disadvantage worth quibbling over.

Screen and Visible Features

ZTE Blade 3 display

Steadily low-market, the Blade 3’s screen is a relatively disappointing 4-inch, 480×800 display. Your pictures will be taken via the quite capable 5MP camera, and, happily, there are adequate video capabilities and a secondary camera for video chat.
Image Source: techpinas.com

Operating System

Out of the box, the Blade 3 comes loaded with Android 4.0, better known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Yes, we know, you want Jelly Bean. You crave it. Resist the urge to blow your rent money on a model with all that sugary goodness just yet – remember how much you loved Ice Cream Sandwich when it came out? Nothing’s changed. True, it’s not the latest and greatest anymore. However, with an OS this good, we’ll happily make the trade.

Processor and Memory

While the processor on the Blade 3 leaves a bit to be desired at 1GHz, the memory capabilities are quite standard, giving you 2.5GB of accessible built-in memory and 512 MB RAM plus up to 32MB of optional microSD storage.

Blade 3 Hands On Video

ZTE Blade 3 – Your Bottom Line

While we can’t argue that the ZTE Blade 3 is going to make you ditch your S3, we are going to argue that for the price, this is one standout little phone. Oh, we didn’t mention the price? Try under £100.00. Well under. We spied these going for £79.00 plus a small carrier fee, and for that price range, the Blade 3 is fairly hard to beat.

If you’re looking for a first phone for a child or an older individual, this would make an excellent choice. In addition, if you’re one of the millions looking for a stylish, light and capable smartphone that won’t break the bank, you could do much, much worse. The Blade 3 isn’t an expensive handset, and it doesn’t try to be. What it does try to be, however, is an affordable option for those who want quality and features at an affordable price. In our opinion, it accomplishes that goal extremely well.

Written By Darren Wall aka prepay

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