Samsung Smartphone Sales Help Increase Market Share

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Samsung Smartphone Sales Help Increase Market Share

When you think of the biggest mobile company, you may automatically think of Apple. With the seemingly endless parade of i-somethings and die-hard devotees, it’s an easy mistake to make. In reality, however, Korean-based Samsung is actually the market leader, as recently released numbers reveal.

Samsung Smartphone Sales

In the 4th quarter of 2012, Samsung shipped 106 million total handsets, 60 million of which were smartphones. This gives them a market share of 31 percent. In comparison, Apple shipped just under 50 million smartphones, resulting in a market share of 24.5 percent.

Samsung Smartphone range

Runners-up included Chinese manufacturer ZTE with 11.2 million smartphones, RIM (Blackberry) with 6.9 million smartphones and Nokia with 6.6 million smartphones. As you can see, this gives Samsung Smartphones a leading margin of approximately ten million smartphones over Apple, its closest competitor.

Samsung – The Next Big Thing?

In reality Samsung – in particular its Galaxy line-up which has quickly become a consumer favorite – is already a very, very big thing. While the range has grown to include handsets and tablets over the years, it is not the only Samsung smartphone range popular with consumers. However it’s certainly the line-up which has given Samsung it’s edge over Apple. Packed with user-friendly features, such as S-Voice the Galaxy line-up is available (at varying prices) at prices which most consumers can afford.

Galaxy S3 Samsung Smartphone

One stand out handset in particular is the Galaxy S3, in less than 12 months it has proven itself a winner among consumers who have placed a higher priority on quality and value than on blind brand loyalty.

Samsung Smartphone’s – The Future

With a market share of 29% compared with Apple’s 21.8%, Samsung is clearly doing something right. Whether or not they can hold onto that share, however, is up for debate.

Samsung Smartphone - Galaxy S4 Concept

Only time will tell, although the degree of excitement already being displayed over the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 speaks very well for Samsung’s future. The Samsung smartphone has become nearly ubiquitous; you probably know several people who own one, and if you don’t own one you’re most likely curious.
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Compare this with Apple’s iPhone. While the popularity of the handset and its die-hard devotees is impossible to ignore, there are limitations. The iPhone doesn’t come cheap. While the Galaxy line isn’t the cheapest phone on the market either, there are plans and enough variations to keep all but the tightest of budgets happy. Affordability is huge in today’s economy, and Samsung appears much more concerned with this aspect than Apple.

The Competition

Apple is rumoured to be at work on some low-cost versions of the iPhone, but nothing concrete is available. We can only imagine that their offerings would be scaled-back versions of the current iPhone, perhaps something similar to earlier versions slicked-up with today’s skin.

Ultimately, it’s not hard to see why Samsung have the majority of the market share. They’re easy to use, a snap for first-timers to pick up and use without a lengthy and frustrating adjustment process, and priced (or packaged) in ways that allow most of us the opportunity to try one on for size. If and until Apple offers something very similar, we can only see the growth of the Samsung smartphone range, and an ever-shrinking piece of the pie for their competitors.

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