How ‘Mobile’ Does Your Business Need To Be?

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How ‘Mobile’ Does Your Business Need To Be?
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Mobility is a subject that incorporates many different categories and discussion points within the world of business. As well as having to create an environment in which members of staff can be physically mobile and thus better able to do their jobs, you need to ensure that your company itself is agile enough to cope with changes in the marketplace.

Mobile Business

But just how mobile does your business need to be and in which ways can you define this term today? To help clarify the issue, here are some of the main technologies and services that are aiding modern businesses to become more mobile.


Ironically, the backbone of a mobile workplace still needs to be a high-speed fixed line connection, because without this your business will effectively be cut adrift.

Reliable Broadand is something any business requires before going truly mobile

Super-fast broadband delivered via fibre optic providers is arguably the best choice for businesses because you will not have to deal with any of the limitations associated with older network connections.
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Once you have a good broadband service, you can then look to the other products and platforms available in order to streamline your operation and become more mobile.


Most businesses still rely on phone systems on a daily basis, but if employees need to work while they are away from the office, a powerful hand-held device will provide the best means of helping them accomplish the task.

In the past, it might have been necessary for businesses to procure their own mobile hardware and distribute it for staff usage, but today the commercial sector is very much taking its lead from consumers.

Blackberry Z10 ideal for Mobile Business

The BYOD (bring your own device) culture, which sees personal smartphones being used for business purposes, means costs are lower and productivity levels are through the roof.

The only issue is that businesses need to adapt and accept this state of affairs rather than fight against it, because doing so can lead to security issues where there need not be any.


Available on both fixed line and mobile handsets, VoIP is something that businesses should really consider as worthy of investment. Rather than using analogue services to make and receive voice calls, it makes sense to harness digital VoIP in order to handle all of your telephonic needs.

Skype Mobile Voip App

VoIP is still completely compatible with older numbers, so you can call through to any other phone user in the world. However, calls between VoIP users tend to be free, which means it is particularly affordable for staff to stay in touch with one another without burdening the company with big bills.

Instant Messaging

Fast, effective and simple to use, instant messaging has become a big hit in the business world, with the latest platforms offering even more features and functionalities.

Instant Messaging or IM helps workers keep intouch when mobile

IM services combine the immediacy of a phone call with the convenient reference capabilities of an e-mail, so staff can communicate swiftly and still get on with other work. Like VoIP this makes it great for collaboration and as long as you have a device with a web connection it is simple to participate in an IM chat.

This endows further mobility and flexibility on staff and means that they do not need to stay within a few feet of their desks throughout the day.

Perhaps the best thing about all of these forms of communication is that they are becoming far more unified and you can even invest in combined packages that bundle multiple assets together for convenience.

Businesses simply need to be willing to take advantage of these solutions. Considering the competitive state of the market, this should not be difficult to achieve at a price that suits your budget.

The author, Jamie Garner, is an employee of UK business telecoms provider, Daisy Group plc.

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