Samsung Galaxy S4 – 5 Inch Display, Sensors & More!

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Event

Last night saw the launch of Samsungs latest offering the Galaxy S4, this highly anticipated Smartphone has promises a lot, and if the launch which was an all singing and dancing affair is anything to go by then the Galaxy S4 will not let us down.

Galaxy S4

In this quick look at the S4 we won’t be covering all aspects of the handset, believe me there is too much to talk about in one article!

We are going to start with the specs that most people don’t really care too much about “Dimension specs”. The Galaxy S4 is 136mm long, 69mm wide, 7.9mm thin and weighs in at 130grams, now that is a mighty thin Smartphone. Now for some more detail!

User experience

Samsung Galaxy S4 User Experience

A totally new and upgraded user experience includes a new visual effects engine which can be seen in action on the home screen with the top black bar replaced. All the Galaxy S4’s important information such as the battery charge level and signal strength is seamlessly integrated to give a truly groundbreaking look and feel.

4G Browsing

As a category 3 4G LTE handset the Galaxy S4 can handle uploads at an amazing speed of 100MB per second and downloads of up to 50MB per second. So it’s no slouch and will provide a truly great mobile internet experience. Oh and not forgetting that it is also 3G compatible!

S4 Display

Samsung Galaxy S4 Display

Galaxy S4 features a full 5 inch full HD AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which comes in at a pixel density of 441ppi, so not quite on par with the HTC One at 469ppi. The screen also features PenTile matrix technology, while not the best it probably won’t matter much with this kind of pixel density.


Shipping with 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 16GB of internal user memory with options for 32GB and 64GB coming soon the Galaxy S4 offers nothing overly exciting in this regard however its Micro SD card slot is compatible up to a capacity of 64GB so that’s a potential of 128GB of user storage, which is simply amazing. Whether you would need this much storage is another question?


One thing every Smartphone owner will know about is how often a recharge of the battery is required, Samsung have tried to address this problem by incorporating a 2600MAH battery which is removable, sound interesting?


With a front facing 2MP and a 13MP rear facing camera the Galaxy S4 at first glance does not initially mark the heart flutter, however it’s what these two cameras can do together that really makes the S4 stand out.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Camera Mode

During the launch we were told that the S4 will provide sharp and colourful images that are true to life, I know what you’re thinking “Where have we heard that before” However Samsung have given the Galaxy S4 a truly unique feature called DualCamera, which enables a user to take a picture with the front facing camera and at the same time take an image with the rear facing one!!

For example if you where on the beach with your family and were chosen to take a picture now you don’t have to be left out. The DualCamera feature allows you to add an image taken of yourself with the front camera to the image of your family, oh and did I mention you can add sound to images as well! I will talk about that later.


Samsung has packed a new suite of sensors into the S4, Infrared gesture plus temperature and humidity. These has been designed to provide the user with more information about what is going on around them and as Samsung puts it “Enrich their lives”

Whilst the temperature and humidity sensor speaks for its self you’re probably wondering what Infrared gesture is all about? Well this new piece of sensory kit allows a Galaxy S4 user to not only use their handset as a TV remote but also lets users interact with the phone without touching the 5in display. In addition whilst browsing the web you can command the S4 to scroll up by swiping from top to bottom a few inches from the phone.

Innovative S4 Features

Along with S-Health which keeps an eye on (You guessed it your health) and other features like smart scroll, Air Gesture, Smart Pause, Eraser and the amazing S-translator feature, the Galaxy S4 offers a whole new user experience for any potential owner.

Final thoughts

This article was not meant to be an all encompassing overview of the Galaxy S4, as I type that is being put together for you to cast your eyes over.

From my initial impression of the S4 I can honestly say that this new Samsung handset seems to offer some amazing new user experience enhancing features. In the coming week I will be looking more closely at the handset and bringing you a more detailed review.

Written By Darren Wall aka prepay

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