Rise of the Phablet – Is Bigger Better?

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Rise of the Phablet – Is Bigger Better?

Phablet? No, it’s not the latest and greatest cold remedy – it’s an industry term being used to describe newer smartphones, with their bigger-than-life screens. Phone – tablet – phablet! Yeah, we know, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. It’s better, however, than saying “these new smartphones with the really really really big screens” sixty times in a single conversation.

Vocabulary lesson aside, let’s move on – what do phablets mean for you and for the industry? Are they a good thing, or just another example of taking a good thing and pushing it too far? Do you need one? Will you need one? Read on for the latest.

The Phablet – Already Commonplace

Although the word itself may sound new and strange, the subject is not. Think about it – when was the last time you bought a smartphone and didn’t consider screen size? If you’re like the vast majority of consumers, it was back when size didn’t matter much anyway because nobody had much more than a thumbnail-sized patch of pixelated messiness.

You could laugh at the ridiculously bad quality of your ‘video phone,’ but otherwise, the screen served a very small purpose. It told you who was calling and – er – well yeah, horrible pictures aside, that was pretty much the end.

The Dell Streak was the first Phablet on the market

In 2010, the phablet was launched – although you probably missed it. Called the Dell Streak, the very first phablet failed miserably.However, it failed for the same reason that many brilliant ideas fail at first – it was ahead of its time. Consumers weren’t ready for the jump from a three-inch (or less) screen to a five-inch one. In addition, the display quality of the Streak left plenty to be desired. However, as consumer comfort and technology have sped up, the world is now primed for the latest and greatest phablet, one that combines a sleek exterior with a massive screen and crystal-clear display.

Today, you consider screen size almost immediately upon thinking about a new mobile purchase. Phablets have been around for longer than you probably realize. Ever since the advent of mobiles without a flip, screen size has mattered, and it matters a lot. Tablets only served to accentuate the issue, pointing out that consumers didn’t just want a big screen, they wanted a colossal screen, and they would pay for it. End of discussion.

Phablets – Here to Stay?

Simply put, yes, the phablet is here to say. I certainly can’t imagine Samsung releasing the successor to the Galaxy Note 2 with a smaller display or Huawei getting all giddy about announcing their newest, fastest, lightest smartphone ever if said marvel didn’t boast a screen the approximate size of London. Screen size has become an integral part of a smartphone’s features, right up there with operating system, cpu speed and internal memory.

The 6.1-inch Phablet Huawei Ascend Mate

The Ascend Mate, which is an Android smartphone featuring a full HD 1080p display and a giant touchscreen measuring just over six inches, is now the world’s biggest phone or Phablet, beating out the former record holder – the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – by more than half an inch WoW!

We do so much more today with our smartphones that it’s hardly a surprise. For many of us, they’ve replaced our cameras completely, calling for a screen that can show us exactly what we’ve just snapped and allow us to manipulate it as well as some of the very best PC editing software.

We watch movies on our smartphones, and nobody enjoys the headache that comes from squinting at pixelated action scenes. Big screens really do make everything better; even the simplest of tasks such as calling and texting are easier when you can actually see what you’re doing.

What the Experts Say!

Industry experts agree, stating that the phablet is “the new normal” and “the PC of this decade.” Even more impressively, the phablet market is expected to grow by seventy percent in each of the next three years. It appears that the phablet is here to stay, and also here to grow.

The industry certainly isn’t’ going to move backward, so look forward to improved features, increased quality, increased screen size and an ever-evolving collection of user-friendly features packed into the next generation of phablets. They’re poised to take over the tablet market and, given a few years for consumer adjustment, we’re sure they’ll do that and more.

Written By Darren Wall aka prepay

What do you think – Are Phablets a passing fad or here to stay?
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