The Best IPhone Applications For 2013

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The Best IPhone Applications For 2013
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One of the best points about the iPhone is the huge amount of applications which can be downloaded to make your experience of the iPhone much more enjoyable. There are many applications that you can download for free which will enhance your experience of the iPhone and make life a little easier in the process. The product design consultancy at Apple has worked hard to enhance the applications available on the IPhone, so we can enjoy the full experience.

iPhone Applications

Below I have put together a selection of the best and most popular apps so far this year, each has been designed to help make your life a little easier!


As one of the largest social media platforms around, Facebook is the perfect way to stay in touch with friends and family on the go.

FaceBook iPhone App

The IPhone application makes it easy to access and you can still perform all of the functions you would from your laptop.
You can download the Facebook app for free!


If you enjoy running or walking, RunKeeper is a really beneficial application. It records your activities so you can instantly find out how many miles you have undertaken and the calories you have burned. If you like to challenge yourself and beat your best time, this is a good application to help you achieve what you want from your activities.


Skype allows you to keep in touch with friends and family who live overseas and is on the perfect format on your phone for accessing on the go. It is really easy to use, even if you haven’t tried it out before and is a simple but effective way to make sure you don’t lose touch with loved ones.


There are always times when we need to access information on the go and the dictionary application is a simple way to check spelling and meanings without any fuss. It is ideal for using at work or on the go, with a huge amount of meanings available for free.


If you are selling items online or are looking to buy, the EBay application is ideal. It is really simple to use and holds the same information you would get from your desktop.

Ebay iPhone App

EBay is a great way to make some extra money on the side and provides everything you could need at your fingertips.
You can download the Ebay app for free!

BBC News

If you want to keep up with current affairs without having to buy newspapers, BBC News is a good application to download onto your iPhone. You can get as much information as you need with this application and receive alerts based on the type of news you are looking to read.

TV Guide

The TV Guide application offers all of the information you want on the TV listings for the day, on ever channel imaginable. You can even set up reminders and alerts with this application, so you never miss out on your favourite TV programmes. The TV Guide application is ideal for using on the go and is really simple to access.

Google Translate

A great application to help you to converse with people from all over the world, the Google Translate application is perfect for using on holiday or when you just need to be able to translate any information.

Google Translate iPhone App

This is a simple but highly effective tool which is used by millions of people on a daily basis.
You can download Google Translate for free!


If you enjoy a bit of travelling, Skyscanner is the perfect application. It provides up to the minute information on flights and times, so you can always find the cheapest option for your travels. The information on this application is available instantly and will help to ensure you save as much money on your flights as possible.


You will never get bored again on your travels or commute with the Netflix application. You can watch your favourite television programmes or films and this is just as effective as watching it on your laptop. If you need some entertainment, no matter where you are, this is one of the best applications to keep you occupied.

Jann Webb is a freelance writer who has a keen interest in technology. If you want to find out more about the importance in the iPhone of product design consultancy, UK experts can provide you with information regarding its available applications.

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