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Kingdom Rush – Game Review
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Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game pitting your forces of good against hordes of goblins, orcs, shamans, ogres and other assorted baddies who want to wreak havoc upon your land. The formula is pretty standard fare for the real-time strategy genre. Your job is simple: don’t let any enemies through your defenses. The game is so well put together and so much fun to play, though, that it really doesn’t matter that no new ground is broken here.

Kingdom Rush Basics

There are various battleground areas that function as levels. Each map contains a series of paths for enemies to take, and also has designated areas where you can build defense units.

kingdom rush maps

Early maps have very simple paths and relatively few choices to make when constructing your defenses. Later maps increase the difficulty with more enemy types, branching paths for enemies to take, and more choices in how you can upgrade your defenses as the battle progresses.

There are four different defense unit types (militia, archers, mages and artillery), each of which can be upgraded throughout the battle as you earn gold for killing enemies. Because defense unit construction and upgrades require gold, it’s important to manage your resources wisely. As you might expect from a real-time strategy game, each of the four defense unit types is effective against some enemy types and not so effective against others.

For example:

  • Your militia men are great at delaying and splitting up enemies so that archers, mages and artillery installations can do major damage, but some enemies can fly, and your militia men are worthless against flying enemies.
  • Upgraded archery installations can rain down flurries of arrows and dispatch many enemies in short order, but some enemies have armor and are resistant to physical damage. You’ll want to have mages ready to deal with these enemies.

Strategy = Fun

Part of the fun is planning for the various enemy “waves” in each level. You might have to defend one battleground against 10 different waves of enemies. You could plan perfectly for the first nine, but if the tenth wave contains enemies that are resistant (or immune) to the defenses that you’ve already constructed, then you’re screwed and you’ll have to start the level over with a different strategy.

kingdom rush defend against enemies

Also adding to the fun are the well-designed maps, which offer plenty of room for planning your defenses around enemy choke points. Use these choke points well and you’ll have more than enough firepower to dispatch your enemies. Neglecting to plan your defenses around the geographical details of each map will get your forces squashed.

Replay Value

There is significant replay value in Kingdom Rush. Each map offers two additional challenge modes that ratchet up the difficulty and force you to think even more strategically about how you’re going to keep the enemy forces from passing. I spent three months on one of these challenge levels (one or two tries each day). The thing that kept me at it was that each challenge level is relatively short, so it doesn’t take too much time to try a few different approaches each day on the road to victory.

Kingdom Rush Official Video

Also, because the game is designed so well, it’s obvious that the levels are “fair” so to speak and can be beaten without knowing some cheat code or other such trickery. It’s incredibly rewarding to finally beat a challenge level.

Screen Size Matters

I play the game on my iPhone, and that gives rise to my only small gripe. The game makes great use of the touchscreen, but with the iPhone screen being as small as it is, there are times in the heat of battle where I can’t get a defense unit placed where I want it, or I lose valuable time trying over and over to tap on just the right spot. The larger screen of an iPad would probably be better for precise placement.


Overall this is a great game. I don’t even mind sitting on an airplane for 4 hours anymore because Kingdom Rush makes the time go by so quickly.

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