Why Smartphones Are Changing The Way We Shop

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Why Smartphones Are Changing The Way We Shop
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Smartphones have revolutionised communication in the past decade. Gone are the days when phones were for texting and calling, and now we all carry around small computers in our pockets that we look at on average 150 times a day. Needless to say Smartphones are having an impact on all aspects of our lives.

Shopping on Your Smartphone

One activity that they have significantly affected is the way we shop – and here are a few examples how.

Checking Prices

Everybody looks out for the best possible deal when they’re shopping. It seems like human nature to look for the lowest price of what we want in order to save money, especially in these troubled financial times.

A previously common method of checking prices was to visit each relevant store during the day to see how much an item is priced for before purchasing. Now however, we can all use our Smartphones.

using a smartphone to shop on Amazon

Whether it is to check how much an item is on an online store such as Amazon or looking at retail rivals prices on their internet pages, Smartphones make the ability to compare prices quite literally at our fingertips.

Furthermore, there are a multitude of apps that allow us to actually scan the barcode of an item with our phone camera and let the phone do the work for us, letting you know where to go to purchase the product at the lowest price.


The ever popular phenomenon of shopping vouchers has found a new lease of life in Smartphones.

shopping with the Groupon app on a smartphone

A wide range of apps such as VoucherCloud and the Groupon application allow every Smartphone user free access to shopping vouchers with the potential to save an awful lot of money. It has never been easier to find online vouchers, and often you need not even print them off but simply show the code on the phone screen to the cashier.

You don’t even need to plan the use of your vouchers  – if you find an item you wish to purchase you can then open up one of the voucher apps and see if the store you are in has any discounts or vouchers available.

Asking Opinions

According to a recent Guardian article , Vodafone UK has evidence of an increase in the amount of time spent by people in changing rooms, due to people trying items on and taking a picture with their smartphone.

They then send the picture on to a social media website such as Facebook and wait for the comments to come telling them whether or not the item looks good and consequently whether or not to purchase it. This means that fewer people have to return items to stores after taking them home and deciding they don’t like them. Instead they can get opinions from their friends and family almost instantly.

With the dominace of Smartphone technology increasing exponentially, only time will tell whether our mobiles will have even more of an impact on the way we shop.

Is the Smartphone and the proliferation of apps changing the way you shop? Let us know in the comments below.

Tom Rawlinson has varied interests from technology to gaming to cookery as well as being an aspiring author. He blogs for K3 Retail.

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