One Phone, Two Numbers – Dual SIM Phones

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One Phone, Two Numbers - Dual SIM Phones
Phil Turner

A dual SIM phone is one that can hold two SIM cards at the same time and use two. Each one will have a different number and these can even be used on different networks. Both of them will be switched on, so you can choose which one to use to make calls from. Any phone that is able to use the dual SIM system will work slightly differently.

Some will have two different CPUs but not all will. There may be ‘call secretary’ software on the phone which will send a call to voicemail if you are already taking a call on the other number. If you have a handset that has two CPUs you can hold two calls open at the same time.

Reasons to Buy a Dual-SIM Phone

Users will opt for dual SIM for different reasons, some will want this option to make up for poor coverage on one of the networks. This can be very useful for those who have to travel a lot and who need to be sure of getting a good connection no matter where they are, others will do it for financial reasons. Different providers will offer different rates.

By combining two deals you can make sure that you get plenty of options on text messages and calls, this convenience can also be a good reason to do it. You might want to have one number for work and another for personal use and having a dual SIM phone means that you do not need to carry around two handsets or constantly change the SIM in another phone.

How Does it Work?

The memory on the phone will be shared by both SIMs and you can find contacts and numbers very easily as these are combined.

Lenovo P770 Dual Sim Handset

You can switch from one SIM to the other by choosing an option on the menu or pressing a specific button. Calls are dealt with on the phone on a first-come first-served basis, one SIM is not given priority over the other.
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There are many benefits to a dual SIM and there are several handsets on sale with this capability in the UK. Until now the manufacturers and mobile phone service providers have not been pushing them but it is expected that the dual SIM feature will appear on more and more handsets. The expectation is that budget handsets will make more use of this feature.

Going Abroad

Travellers will find that it is easier for them in the future, they can pick up a cheap SIM in whichever country they are visiting and add this to the phone alongside their existing SIM. This means that you have the option to save a great deal of money with your handset.

Phones Available Now

Those that are on the market already in the UK include the Sony Xperia Tipo Dual which has touchscreen features and a reasonable quality camera, the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos which is also a touchscreen handset and comes in a variety of colours and the Nokia Asha 202 Dual Sim which is a touchscreen bar phone and has a number of basic features which will be adequate for most users.

Author: Phil Turner will definitely consider a dual-SIM phone. Having a Tesco Mobile UK SIM alongside his Tesco Ireland SIM would mean he would not have to take his UK phone with him any more on his regular trips across the water.

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