Facebook Home on Your Phone – What is it And Why?

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Facebook Home on Your Phone – What is it And Why?

For a lot of people, Facebook has become the Internet. They spend their entire day there interacting with friends and family. It is for this reason that Facebook is trying to get themselves front and center on every smartphone. Facebook recently introduced Facebook Home, an Android launcher/lockscreen replacement that is available on most of the top-tier devices.

What is Facebook Home?

Basically Facebook Home is a launcher for Android that replaces the homescreen and lockscreen with a slideshow of your Facebook newsfeed. In addition to showing pictures and status updates as the interface to your phone, it has an innovative feature called “Chatheads” which show a bubble of your friend’s face when they message you via SMS or Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Home Chat

The app has one big drawback, however. It replaces the notifications on your phone (the drawer is hard to get at unless you are in another app). That’d be fine, but the replacement for the drawer only works with Facebook notifications.

It won’t show any other notifications like Google+, SMS, or emails. The only device this isn’t true for is the HTC First, which has deeper integration with Facebook Home than is allowed for an app downloaded via the Play Store.

Will Facebook Home Cause You to Spend More Time on Facebook?

The whole point of Facebook home is to get you to interact with your FB timeline and newsfeed more often. They think that device owners don’t really want their apps and widgets to be front and center, but would rather have their contacts and Facebook friends on the forefront.

Facebook Home Screens

Apps are still accessible, but it almost seems like an afterthought. There aren’t any settings that allow you to manage your apps, the best you can do is put a few apps in the favorites spot on the launcher. There is no folder support, widget support, or easy access to toggles like Bluetooth and WiFi.

In the end, Facebook Home’s biggest flaw is that it isn’t very useful. Sure, if you spend time only on Facebook, you’ll enjoy having your feed right there on your phone when you turn it on. But if you like spending time outside of Facebook, and like using other apps, there is really no advantage to using Facebook Home.

The only exception to this is Chatheads, which are really quite useful if you use Facebook Messenger a lot. It allows you to open chat “windows” over whatever app you are currently in. This means less jumping around from app to app. The great news is that you can use Chatheads without using Facebook Home.

Facebook Home – Hands On Video Review

Should you download Facebook Home?

Is Facebook Home for you? The answer to that question is that it depends on what type of user you are and whether the app is compatible with your smartphone. Initially supported handsets are the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X, One X+ and the One. Facebook is planning monthly updates to make it compatible with more handsets.

If you really only care about Facebook, then Home is a great addition to your already Facebook-heavy lifestyle. If, on the other hand, you don’t spend time on Facebook that often, it doesn’t really provide any value that you can’t already get by just opening the Facebook application.

The app is downloadable for free from Google Play

Written By Darren Wall aka prepay

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  • Chris

    Not for me……..Makes widgets almost useless among other things.

  • kmiec123

    Very cool article, thanks for sharing.

  • well, I thought about trying it out – but my home screen is a live simulation of the moon’s phases, no icons at all – and I would miss it

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