The BlackBerry Q10: The QWERTY Comeback?

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The BlackBerry Q10: The QWERTY Comeback?

BlackBerry caused waves in the world of mobile technology earlier this year when it finally launched its long-awaited BlackBerry 10 operating system and announced its new Z10 touchscreen smartphone and Q10 QWERTY mobile alongside the software. The BlackBerry Z10 hit shelves not long after BlackBerry 10 was unleashed, but the Canadian manufacturer held off releasing the Q10. Until now that is.

The BlackBerry Q10 Safety Net

The main focus of the BlackBerry 10 launch centred upon the Z10 and the company’s shift towards the modern touchscreen device, however, many speculated that the Q10 was added to the line-up to act as a safety net in case the Z10 wasn’t as well received as BlackBerry hoped.

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So, just what does this QWERTY-fied device have to offer, and will it be more successful than its full touchscreen predecessor, the BlackBerry Z10? Let’s find out…

Key features

BlackBerry Q10 Features

  • 3.1-inch super AMOLED touchscreen display
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • BlackBerry 10 operating system
  • 8 megapixel rear camera with 1080p video recording
  • 4G LTE capabilities
  • 16GB internal storage

Design & display

The BlackBerry Q10’s design is in keeping with the traditional form factor boasted by previous Blackberrys, featuring a QWERTY keyboard nestled below a 3.1-inch super AMOLED touch display. The device is sturdy and feels like it could withstand a few knocks and bumps, and is comfortable in the hand. There are no menu keys or a trackpad on the Q10, so all navigation is conducted using the touch display and QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry Q10 Design and Display

There’s no denying the QWERTY keyboard is good for thrashing out quick messages – be it a text, email or BBM message – but it does take up precious room that could be better utilised for extra display.

Indeed, the BlackBerry Q10’s screen is so little it’s hard to see anything on it in great detail, and a lot of zooming is required, especially when viewing web pages. But, compared to displays on previous BlackBerry QWERTY devices the Q10’s screen is a lot clearer with sharper details and brighter, more vivid colour reproduction.

The Q10’s battery life is impressive – the 2100mAh offering lasted over a day with one charge. The majority of recently released smartphones last only from morning to night before running out of juice, so the Q10 definitely beats them in this area. Its extra staying power is mainly due to the fact it only has a small display to power, in comparison to the touchscreen displays boasted by devices such as the BlackBerry Z10 and HTC One.


New features brought forth by BlackBerry 10 on the Q10 include the BlackBerry Hub, which collects together all messages, notification and calendar entries in one handy location. There’s also a File manager that can sync with users’ Box and Dropbox accounts for integrated cloud storage back-up.

BlackBerry Q10 Rear Camera

Camera functionality is ok, and although the Q10 boasts an 8 megapixel snapper, it doesn’t produce photos of the same quality as other 8 megapixel smartphone cameras such as the Samsung Galaxy S3’s. However, compared to photos produced by previous BlackBerry phones, images created by the Q10’s snapper are sharper and more detailed. It’s hard to view the pictures on the handset though, as the display is so tiny.

Final Thoughts

The BlackBerry Q10 isn’t a massively revolutionary handset, although there is a place in the market for it. Those who already own an older BlackBerry such as the Curve 9320 or Bold 9900 and wish to stick with the QWERTY may be enticed into upgrading to the Q10. The extra benefits of the BB10 OS and the enhanced camera make it a more desirable option to other BlackBerry devices, especially for those not wanting to opt for the Z10’s full touchscreen option. Whether the Z10 or Q10 will come out on top remains to be seen, but we’d say these BlackBerry smartphones have some life in them yet.

This guest blog was written by Abbi Cox of Phones 4u, where you can buy the BlackBerry Z10 or pre-order the BlackBerry Q10 now.

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  • billiegod

    looks like a great phone!

  • Kaya Wittenburg

    exceptional review!

  • A really good phone that might have made a huge impact on BB if it had been released a year or two ago. This late it just serves to delay the inevitable by feeding the BB fans one last time.

    • Personaly I like the look of the Q10, however if BlackBerry is going to embrace change then maybe the QWERTY was a bad idea!
      I think even last year this handset would have struggled, I doubt it will sell anywhere near as many as the Z10.

  • I run IT for my company and was really surprised that there was such a demand for this phone.

    • Do people give you any reasons for the demand, other than its a BlackBerry?

      • one person has one arm and said that the BB is easier for a handicapped person, a second because it is new and awesome, and a third for BBM

        • I see, so these are people who already know BlackBerry! I wonder just how many people will switch from Android, iOS or Windows and actually stay with BlackBerry.

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