Android Voted Most Popular OS For People Over 45 Years Old

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Android Voted Most Popular OS For People Over 45 Years Old
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A recent survey carried out by the mobile phone trade in comparison website, has today shown that Android is the most common Operating System for people between the ages of 45 and 54.

Android Most Popular with Over 45’s

The stats also showed that Apple’s iOS platform appeals more towards the 25 to 34 year old age bracket.

In the survey, over 2,000 people were invited to give their feedback on which Operating System their phones ran on. Unsurprisingly, Symbian only collected a handful of the results with only one person using the outdated Nokia OS in the 25 – 34 bracket.

The Contenders

Android and the Operating System Contenders

Whilst the main contenders were Android and iOS, BlackBerry came in at third beating Windows Phone.

For the 45 years and over group, a massive 46% used Android, whilst iOS was more than half behind with 20%. Although, looking at the 25-34 group iOS soon makes its mark with 46% of users, whilst Android slips back to 30%.

In the youngest age bracket, 18 – 24, results showed that 28% used Android, whilst 35% were using iOS, nothing surprising there. However, in the same age bracket 16% of people were using BlackBerry compared to just 9% using Windows Phone.

Has The Z10 Helped BlackBerry?

Has the Z10 helped BlackBerry in its fight against AndroidWe know that BlackBerry have really made a push this year with the launch of their BlackBerry 10 operating system late January, however with only one phone running on the new OS for several months it’s hard to say whether that alone has bumped up the amount of people using the BB OS. One thing we have seen is an increase in the number of older BlackBerry models being traded in at mobile phone trade in websites.

iPhone’s Are Still For The Young?

Looking at the stats, we can also see that iOS is still being taken on by the younger generations; contrary to Samsungs pre-iPhone 5 launch ad campaign, where they claimed that Apple fans were old.

It is in fact, Samsung users that appear to be falling into the older generation bracket of 45+

Could this mean that more mature users are seeing the potential in Android, whilst Apple continue building their young cult following and show the iPhone’s off as a cool phone.

Windows Has A Long Way To Go

Despite the successful launches of the Asha and Lumia series of phone by Nokia, Windows Phone still has a big hill to climb if they want to start becoming a more serious threat to BlackBerry, iOS, or Android, and only time will tell if they make that push or fall off the wagon.

Which operating system are you currently using?

Many thanks to Craig Timmins and the team for providing information and statistics to help us create this article.

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  • I have had the Blackberry for over 10 years and always wished there was something else that was easier to use. Then came the Android, which I thought was fun to use. Several members of our family went the Android route. But now all of us have the Apple ISO and we all love it. From the iPhones to iPads, just a lot easier to use

  • An Apple a day is the best solution

  • I’m a droid guy; mostly because gmail, gapps, and gdrive run so much of the rest of my life it just makes it easy and sensible.

  • Well I’m in the 45-54 bracket and I use iOS because it just works, plenty of apps and the phone doesn’t get out of date as quickly as Android phones – it’s not as customisable as Android – but I’ll take that!

  • I’m a fan of iPhone, I think it’s the tip HighTec and not leave until you are convinced that there is something better

  • apple, always have been an apple girl

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