It Is Highly Unlikely That You Will Ever Wipe Your Backside With A Kindle… Or Will You?

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Are you one of the many people that insist we will eventually live in a paperless society? With the introduction of PC’s, laptops, tablet PC’s, Kindles and smartphones you could be forgiven for thinking so. In fact, the title of this article alludes to a joke you may have heard before.

However, for everyone who believes that our society will eventually forego the use of paper, there are millions (if not billions) who will never give up reading a good old book from cover to cover.

Kindle It’s Not a Real Book!

Kindle It’s Not a Real Book!Some people become extremely infuriated when they hear someone else proclaim they have just “read a great book on their Kindle”. For these people a book has two covers, is made from cardboard and paper, and is definitely not a machine. If you think about it we all personalise books in our own way – whether this involves doodling on the pages, having certain pages folded over so you know where your place is, and even having the author autographing your book at a book signing (there is no way signing a Kindle can ever catch on).

However, where there is one side to an argument, there is always another. Kindles have put the fear of God into the book-publishing industry, which in itself is a multi-billion dollar industry. Kindle and its wireless technology allow you to download entire volumes within a matter of minutes and you also have the ability to store thousands of books onto a single machine. If you factor in the price of many Kindle “books” you can maybe see where the pro-Kindle users are coming from.

The Best of Both Worlds

There are also those who happen to like the best of both worlds. When sat in the comfort of their own home they prefer nothing better than flicking through the pages of a physical book. However, a Kindle is the ideal travel companion for long-haul flights or overnight car and train journeys. You wouldn’t want to go to the extreme of taking 10 of your favourite books on holiday with you, thus worrying about luggage weight limits, etc.

Kindle Reading

Another fantastic advantage of the Kindle is that reading is far easier on the eyes. E-ink technology allows glare to be blocked out and you will never suffer from eye strain that is associated with any number of electronic devices, such as televisions or computers.
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That said, the main drawback to the Kindle is that it requires a battery to operate. Can you really think of anything worse than getting to one of the most interesting and breathtaking sections of your read, only to be greeted with a low battery sign and no charger or outlet in sight? Additionally, how often have you lent books out to friends or family? A Kindle doesn’t offer the same advantage.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on it must be said that Kindles are a wonderful technological addition. They certainly make life a little easier, less expensive, and provide you with the ability to carry as much reading material as your heart desires – but will traditional cardboard and paper books ever be completely replaced… who knows?

Jamie Thornton is the owner of a used book store in Australia. A reading enthusiast, he gorges on his favourite novels in his spare time. With the advent of new technologies gadgets like ‘Kindle’ have come to the fore. Although, he isn’t too tech savvy, he considers it a welcome change.

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  • I like Kendalls. I think Amazon produced a great product.

  • As a person who lives with chronic pain and fatigue, I count having a Kindle a blessing. I cannot physically go to a book store whenever I need a new book, so being able to download one whenever I want is a huge plus for me.

    I was one of those people who collected books and loved being able to see them on my book shelf. I still miss that, but honestly? I appreciate the fact that the books I read no longer need trees to be cut down and processed simply for me to read them.

    • Hi Shannon, thank you for your comment!
      Is there anything about the Kindle you hope Amazon will improve upon in later iterations?

      • oops! Just noticed this now. To be quite honest, I read my Amazon books via browser on the Amazon Cloud more often than I use my Kindle.

        The Kindle, for me, is more for traveling or being away from the internet. I’m very grateful to own one but I don’t use it much but for waiting in the doctor’s office or traveling (which I just don’t do much anymore).

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