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If you own a smartphone like an iPhone, you’ll know all about the hundreds of apps available that have been designed to make your life a little easier in one way or another. There’s an app for everything these days and it’s amazing how reliant we are on them already.

Apps can be used in really creative ways – whatever your problem you can be sure that there is an app to solve it. And if insomnia is your problem then you will be desperate for ideas to cure it. After all, trying to operate without sleep has a massive impact on your life.

There is nothing more frustrating than lying in bed at night, totally shattered, but unable to catch sleep. You can drive yourself mad with it until you are so wired that there’s no chance of a snooze. And so the circle continues…

Sleeping Aid Apps

You may not have thought about using technology to help you sleep, but one quick look will show you a myriad of different apps, all promising to deliver you the sleep you so desperately need. We take a look at some of the key features here:

Calming Music

Most sleep apps provide really soothing music that you can play really quietly by your bedside. It’s so relaxing and unobtrusive that your partner won’t mind it on in the distance. Slow and mellow melodies send you into a trance until your brain is able to switch off.

And the beauty of this is that unlike playing music through a stereo, you can program the app to switch off after a period of time so it's not going all night. It works so well you'll probably never hear it turn off!Image Source: Lauren Murphy

And the beauty of this is that unlike playing music through a stereo, you can program the app to switch off after a period of time so it’s not going all night. It works so well you’ll probably never hear it turn off!
Image Source: Lauren Murphy


Another feature of some sleep apps is that they can teach you some self-hypnosis techniques. Some have professional and expert hypnotisers recorded talking you through them to help you nod off. They will make your mind wander to a relaxing place where you can forget all your daily worries.

Hypnosis Apps

They understand that it is not a lack of tiredness that stops you sleeping – it’s the inability to be able to switch your mind off. So by distracting you they help your thoughts to quieten, sending you into a relaxing snooze.
Image Source: Master Hypnosis


Similar to hypnosis, some apps teach you how to meditate. This is an activity you should do while you’re awake and it is the process of stepping away from your thoughts to achieve a quiet mind.

Meditation Apps

A few minutes a day is enough for you to be able to use the same techniques as you go to bed at night. The more you do it the better you will get at quietening your mind and preparing it for sleep.
Image Source: HaPe_Gera

Many people rely on alcohol to get themselves to sleep. This is a dangerous habit to get into and it’s really easily avoided. Download an app to help you sleep and you will achieve quality sleep without compromising your health. And you’ll wake up fresh and ready for action!

Author: Jack Williams is a tech enthusiast and works at as a hardware engineer. He says that Apple repairs are best done in an authentic Apple service center as it is safe and reliable. He enjoys soft old rock music in his free time.

Featured Image Source: Joi Ito

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