Reconditioned Phones – Standard Vs. Factory

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Reconditioned Phones - Standard Vs. Factory
Phil Turner

Looking at reconditioned mobile phones is an excellent way to save money. In today’s economy, saving money is a huge priority for many people, but unfortunately many people still lose a lot of money on mobile phones. Signing a mobile phone contract often means that you get a free or steeply discounted handset, which appeals to many people.

Save with a Reconditioned Phone

However, the truth of the matter is that by signing a contract you will often pay more than the value of your phone. Because the cost of the free device is off set by adding a little to each monthly payment that you make, by the end of a two year contract you may find that the money that you’ve paid is more than your phone is worth. To work around this, some people choose pay as you go mobile phones instead, which means that they pay only for the mobile services that they actually use rather than for a monthly plan.

The down side of this is that you have to pay the cost of a phone up front. But you can save when purchasing a mobile phone, simply by buying a reconditioned phone. A reconditioned device is one that has been serviced and tested and is now being resold. But you have a couple of choices when it comes to the kind of reconditioning that your phone underwent.

Standard or Factory Reconditioning…

If you go for a standard reconditioned phone that was sent to an authorised dealer or other electronics company and has been reset, cleaned, updated if necessary and cleared for resale. A factory refurbishing on the other hand was sent back to the original manufacturer, who then cleans, tests and clears the device for resale.

What are the Pros and Cons?

If you go for factory reconditioning, the phone generally will come with at least a three month warranty, and sometimes even longer. In the event of anything being wrong with your mobile, you can always send it back. Another advantage of a factory refurbishing is that the phone obviously has been inspected by a certified engineer who is experienced with this kind of phone.

Factory Reconditioned Phone the HTC Trophy

The problem with a standard refurbishing is that you have no idea who has inspected your phone. There is every chance that strict manufacturing guidelines have not been met in connection with a standard refurbishing. Warranties are less common with standard reconditioning, meaning that you have no recourse should something go wrong.
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What About Price?

In general the prices of standard and factory reconditioned phones are pretty similar, although a standard refurbishing may run for a few pounds less. But it is recommended that you go for factory reconditioned phones wherever possible. You have a greater guarantee of getting a good quality product, plus a bigger chance of getting a warranty, so you have more buyer’s protection. Even if the factory refurbishing is a little more expensive, the extra cost is worth it just in case something goes wrong with your phone.

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Author: Phil Turner says: “Get good quality, high end reconditioned mobile phones for pennies and add to that a warranty as bonus. Saving money doesn’t get any better”.

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