Porky Pies: Common Lies Told When Claiming Mobile Phone Insurance

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We’ve all told a few white lies at some point in our lives and it seems one of the most common times to tell a lie is when making a claim on your mobile phone insurance. Most of the time people are lying because they want a new handset before they’re due for an upgrade, or they’ve done something that they know isn’t covered in their policy.

Insurance providers – they’ve heard every excuse

If you talk to any mobile phone insurance provider they’ll tell you that they’ve heard every excuse going, including that the iPhone was lost inside a cow. Yes, that really was an excuse given by a farmer in Devon!

Common Mobile Phone Insurance Porky Pies

However, most lies are more believable and here are a few of the most common porky pies told by mobile phone owners to their insurance companies.

“I lost it.”

That’s all very well but it is a pretty poor excuse if you haven’t actually misplaced your mobile. Insurance companies will be able to spot if you’re attempting to get a new phone so that you can sell the old one. Your insurance company will block that handset and they may be able to track it, so if you’re still using it then you’ll get found out.

“It got stolen.”

Again, this may actually have happened, but if it didn’t then it’s not worth your time to lie about it. If it has genuinely been stolen then you’ll need to report it to the police before you can make a claim. Lying to the police is a criminal offence so be prepared to face prosecution for wasting police time and deception if you fancy lying about having your mobile stolen.

“The damage was accidental.”

Insurance companies accept that sometimes accidents happen, but you’re still expected to take reasonable care of your phone. Falling over and breaking your handset is an accident, but damaging your phone at a music festival won’t get you any money.

“I didn’t cancel my policy.”

If you decided to cancel your insurance policy then that’s up to you, but don’t expect to still be able to make a claim by denying all knowledge of ever having cancelled the policy. If you’re going to cancel your policy then it’s a good idea to start putting a certain amount of money aside every week or month to cover yourself against loss, damage, or theft of your mobile phone.

“Well, a funny thing happened today…”

Any sentence that starts with those words immediately spells fraudster to insurance companies, so if you get bored of your handset think carefully before you bash it with your stilettoes. When an insurance company receives a phone that is apparently damaged beyond repair they’ll be able to tell how the damage happened. Lying and saying it was accidently run over won’t cut the mustard; they’ll know what you really did.

Just like Father Christmas insurance companies can tell whether you’re naughty or whether you’re nice when you make a claim on your mobile insurance. So think carefully or you might find you get a lump of coal instead of a new iPhone!

Author: Rob Rudd has been creating digital content for websites since 1996. Sometimes he writes software, sometimes he writes blogs and sometimes he just sits around and chats.

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