Mobile Technology needs a little Viral Content Buzz

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Mobile Technology needs a little Viral Content Buzz

Here on the Pre Pay As You Go Blog I’ve been writing about all things mobile technology for just over three years. During that time I’ve seen the rise of near field communication technologies (NFC for short), the emergence of a new network EE which is a conglomeration of the old Orange and T-Mobile networks and much much more!

Why Mobile Technology

For me mobile technology is in my blood, I’ve been working in the mobile phone industry since back in 2001 when I owned and ran my own mobile phone retail business. After selling it on in 2003 I moved into marketing, but this time working for the likes of Vodafone and the CarphoneWarehouse.

Whilst doing this I’ve come across many online tools which have helped me promote my content a lot easier. However after years of searching, I’ve finally found a tool which is not only easy to use but has also had a massive impact on my content marketing and content sharing activities.

Viral Content Buzz

The tool I use today to help get my mobile technology articles in front of a larger audience is Viral Content Buzz.

Viral Content Buzz for Mobile Technology Sharing

Viral Content Buzz is a content marketing /social sharing tool, for which sign up is completely free and anyone who writes can get their content tweeted, liked, stumbled or Pinned by other users.

To get my mobile technology content shared by others, first I need to share the content of other authors. For each share made I receive some credits, so something like 2 credits for a tweet, 4 for a Pin and 4 for Facebook share etc.

The more shares I make, the more credits I earn, which means I can assign more credits to the mobile technology articles I would like others to share.

It’s extremely easy to use and has 1000’s of users who use the many categories of interest available. Obviously I use technology but you’d be surprised just how some of the articles spill over into other topics such as Finance & Law, Business, Entertainment and many more!

Get in On the Action and win $1000

Currently the great minds over at Vial Content Buzz have devised a competition, for which all a user needs to do to enter is continue doing what they’re already doing! Seriously, promote others content to earn credits add those credits to your projects and get as many shares of one particular article as possible, with the chance of earning prizes ranging from $1000 to $200 and 100s of free credits!

Easy to Access and Easy to Use

One of the major advantages I think Viral Content Buzz has over many other so called social sharing tools is the fact that I can share and check my project results all from the comfort of a bed or sofa on my Smartphone. The site works well and doesn’t cause my mobile browser to crash!

So what you waiting for, if you blog or just like to write get over there and start sharing!

Author and Editor Darren Wall aka Prepay

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Author: Darren Wall aka prepay is the founder and editor of this blog. With a background in coding, Hi-Fidelity and electronics, he loves all aspects of technology, but has chosen to write about his passion, which is new mobile communication technologies and related stories.

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