Best Cloud Storage Options for Your Mobile Data

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Cloud Storage Options and Mobile Data
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First, there was the floppy; we then evolved to the CD era, followed by DVDs, flash sticks, memory cards, external drives, you name it. Now, it’s time for cloud storage to reign over all. Why? It’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s more reliable and a whole lot more portable, allowing users to have their data with them at all times, without having to worry about forgetting it in their back pack or foolishly leaving it behind at the copy center.

Cloud Storage Your Options

Cloud storage is basically a way of saving data in virtualized pools of storage most commonly hosted by third parties. The data is then easily accessible either through specially created folders, a web-based interface or specific apps developed for mobile devices. And as its popularity grows, more and more cloud storage providers pop up, each with its own way of attracting users. So how do we choose?


A personal favorite, Dropbox is easily accessible via its web hosting platform or its mobile apps (available to Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Kindle fire users alike). Once you’ve created an account, a local folder is created on your PC that will act just like any other folder on your computer.

DropBox Cloud Storage

It’s a great storage-saver, and owners of handsets with limited internal storage have found it to be a great tool. But whenever a document, video, presentation or audio file is saved in that particular folder, you’ll be able to access it from any other device.

Dropbox accounts and downloads are completely free, and they come with 2 GB of space that can be easily increased though referrals (500 MB per referral), adding up to an extra 14 GB of free space.

Extremely mobile-friendly, the Dropbox app allows you to set your handset to automatically upload all of your pictures and videos to your account, saving you both space and time—that you would normally waste on manually copying those files to other devices.

Also a great provider of cloud storage services, Box is not all that different from DropBox; however, Box makes it easier for users to share and store larger files, without having to send them to a compressed file or breaking them up into multiple emails so that they can be sent.

Box Cloud Storage

Box is also keen on partnerships, so you might get lucky and get a great deal of space if you create your account from a specific device.

Last year, Sony Xperia users that signed up using their handsets received a complementary 50 GB of free space

Google Drive

Android users are naturally drawn to Google Drive, and for good reason; one great feature is the option of uploading documents to the Drive, documents that the user can mark as viewable offline, making them accessible at all times, even when there is no internet connection in reach.

Google Drive Cloud Storage

(this option is also available to Dropbox users)

Another benefit that comes with Google Drive is that it rounds up all of your Google Docs as well.

Sky Drive

Microsoft SkyDrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft’s Sky Drive—recently updates to better suit iOS users—is a cloud storage service in its simplest form and is quite literally a drive; it will sync all of your files with the iOS, Google Play and Windows Phone Marketplace apps. Quite generous, it offers 7 GB of free storage.

Similar services are also being provided by iCloud, (free account, but for a limited period of time), Zip Cloud,, SugarSync, Mozy, Backup Genie, and Crash Plan.

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My personal favourite is Dropbox, what’s yours? Please comment and share with your friends, family and colleagues too…..

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