How to Know when your Mobile Phone is being Tracked

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How to Know when your Mobile Phone is being Tracked
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Giving way to any ideas of anonymity, mobile phones have invaded the territory of the social animal. Just getting yourself a smartphone means the erosion of any layer of privacy that may have balanced this war between malicious tech and you. With software geniuses introducing new features every other day, it is highly probable for your mobile phone to be tracked while you keep thinking of it as your best friend.

Are You Being Tracked or Not?

You will never get to know when your mobile phone is being tracked. The situation gets even stickier when you are forced to become suspicious of the device that you trusted. Your mobile phone can, however, be given some benefit of doubt until you check it for the following signs to confirm if it’s being tracked or not.

The Occasional and not very noticeable

Mobile Phone Makes Strange Sounds Due to Being Tracked

If your mobile phone has started making strange sounds unexplained volume adjustments, there is a high chance that your phone is being bugged. Inexpert or crude surveillance devices cause static strains on your phone line and can cause fluctuations of this kind.

Tracking Software

Another sign of amateur mobile phone tracking software that might be targeting your phone is a constant scratchiness and a decrease in the quality of the sound while you are making or receiving calls or simply when you are using the phone for other purposes. A lot of static in your mobile phone can also be experienced when you are being tracked by crude spyware.

Battery Draining Quickly

Tracked Mobile Phones can Suffer from Battery Drain

Surprised how your mobile phone has suddenly started draining out it’s battery much more quicker than before? Well, that may be the works of spyware of which you have been a target of. That might be because such software’s often use your microphone to make a sound recording of your surroundings and use your internet for transmitting data to other devices.

Over Heating Handset

If your phone heats up quickly regardless of the fact that it is being used or not, it means that it probably has a wiretap. Your handset heating up can mean many other things too, but just to be sure about it, an inspection would be highly recommended.

Suspecting a Rat!

Being Tracked do you Smell a Rat

Getting back to the basics, there is always the good old method of bluffing. If you suspect a rat in your midst, get someone in on this and make a voice call in which you disclose some made up information then check for behavioural changes or a reaction by someone around you after getting that fake information about you.
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After checking your phone for these signs and discovering that you are indeed being bugged, suddenly panicking and calculating the enormity of the situation is certainly not the solution to the problem.

Just by taking out the battery of your mobile phone to interrupt the flow of the functioning spyware, you can take an immediate action. A phone jammer or a telephone scrambler can be used to stop any bugs entering your mobile phone. Lastly, avoid using your mobile phone for transmitting any important piece of information.

Natalia David writes articles about everything and anything in the tech world. She has enlightened her readers with her technology do’s and dont’s based on her personal experience and research. She can be reached @NataliaDavid4

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