A personal favourite: the Kindle app for Android

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A personal favourite: the Kindle app for Android
Georgiana Mihaila

Don’t know if I have ever mentioned it before, but I love my Kindle! I love being able to carry my favourite books with me wherever I go, I love not having to worry about buying some new books when on vacation (if I’m lucky enough to get to finish the one I bring along), I love not having dust collect all over my precious books, but, most of all, I love the fact that I get to read three times more than before owning a Kindle!

Android Kindle App

But that’s not only due to the Kindle itself; all the killer e-reader apps created by Amazon have been an amazing addition to an already great product!

Buy Once, Read Everywhere

The Kindle reading app revolves around the idea Buy Once, Read Everywhere; basically, when you make a purchase from the Kindle store, you can read your books from any device you have access to.

Kindle App Read Anywhere

Easy-to-use apps have been developed by Amazon for Android devices, iPhones, iPads and even Windows, so if you’ve managed to finish your work early and still have an hour or two to kill around the office, you can simply download the app, log in and start reading from where you left off.

And yes, the app will take you to the exact page you left off the night before; the Whispersync technology has been created with this very purpose in mind—to automatically sync your books across apps and different platforms. The app will import all of your bookmarks, notes, and highlights as well.

Kindle Android App Features

As with the Kindle itself, the size of the text is adjustable; some additional features include the user’s option to change the screen’s brightness, or the colour of the background, as well as switch from portrait to landscape mode. Owners of older versions of Kindle devices might also be pleasantly surprised by the ability to read magazines and newspapers with high-resolution and vivid colour images—not displayed on their Kindle 3, for instance.

While not as comforting for the eye as the actual Kindle screen, the Android one is pretty much similar in many respects; once you’ve opened the book, there’s nothing but the actual page on the screen; no email notifications, no Twitter interactions, nothing to distract you from the actual text.

Kindle App Carousel Display feature

When opening the app, the home screen will show all of your books organized in a neat 3D carousel interface; by simply tapping on the book, the app will take you where you left off, unless you’d like more options—for which you have to simply long-press.

Shelfari’s Book Extras are also featured, providing you with relevant, community-curated factoids.

Basically, if you’re already in the Amazon ecosystem, this app will definitely add more value to your Kindle experience. It might even be of great service to those considering whether or not to purchase a Kindle, and would like to test it out first; I wonder if Amazon has ever considered marketing it as such?…

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Written By Georgiana Mihaila – Book lover, blogger & real estate journalist, passionate about gadgets and social media and a sucker for superhero movies. She’s an avid reader and a faithful Android user, Georgiana writes about the latest tech news, gadgets, apps, reviews and breaking technologies.

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