The SmartWatch: We Knew it was Coming!

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The SmartWatch: We Knew it was Coming!
Kristen Bentley

It would be silly to admit that we were not expecting the SmartWatch, because they have been a part of popular culture, with many appearances in science fiction films, James Bond stories, and futuristic fiction. Finally, Smart watches are approaching real life in just a few short weeks.

Sony’s SmartWatch 2

The SmartWatch 2 is a small, but handy device designed to assist Android smartphone users. It has a tiny Multi-touch colour OLED display, but big features! You do need to have an Android phone along with the watch.

SmartWatch 2 with Black Strap

I guess we’ve not made it all the way to the real sci-fi spy-phone watch just yet – but even when wirelessly attached to an Android phone, the watch is pretty cool.

The idea behind the Sony SmartWatch is that you will be able to check your email and text messages without having to dig around for your phone. You can also add your favourite apps like a music player, Twitter, and more. Google Play offers a wide variety of apps (already), so you can find the ones you like the most.

Size and Weight

The Sony SmartWatch is a cool little device itself. This tiny little watch measures in at 36mm square and 8mm thick. That’s a small device. Without the wristband, the watch only weighs 15.5g. It is a Bluetooth device and needs to be no more than 10 meters from your Android smartphone that is supporting it. To make the watch even more cool, you can simply use it as a watch with your choice of a digital or analogue display.

Colours and Customisation

The SmartWatch comes in one colour, black. The variety and style comes with the wristband that you choose to clip the SmartWatch to. Sony has a variety of colourful watch bands in black and white, as well as bold colours like pink, mint, and blue. Style mavens can put the watch on any 20mm wrist band to get a personalized look.

SmartWatch WristBand Colours

It’s a great option for men and women who cannot always use their mobile phones because they might be in a loud concert venue or they might be in a meeting and using the mobile would be inappropriate.

Remain Reachable

With the SmartWatch, you can keep your phone in your bag, but see when you get important messages and phone calls. When you get calls, as long as you are using a Sony brand Android phone, you can reject calls or mute the ones you do not want to accept. You can also talk through a headset if you are in range of your Android. While the SmartWatch does work with non-Sony Android phones, not all functions are supported by other brands.

Useful Apps

Another really amazing feature of the SmartWatch is the VFinder app. This little app allows your little SmartWatch to become a remote for your mobile so you can take pictures with your watch. Talk about James Bond! Along with a camera remote, you can also use your SmartWatch to play a little Tic-Tac-Toe, too.

It’s Time for Watch Evolution

The best bet for the SmartWatch is to become the proud owner of a Sony Xperia smartphone. Committing to the brand will open up more possibilities with both the mobile and the watch. The watch will set you back around £79.

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Written By Kristen Bentley – Kristen Bentley is a high school English teacher, a yoga teacher, and a freelance writer. This mom of two great kids loves to learn about technology and enjoys sharing her experiences with other people. When she isn’t working and playing around with her iPhone.

Images Courtesy of Sony Press Services

I’m not completely convinced I need a fancy new watch are you? Please comment and share with your friends, family and colleagues too…..


  • Looks likes so nice !!

  • Java Dewd

    I’m not big into watches, as they cause me to pay too much attention to a part of my body that I usually don’t, my wrist. It would be nice to have a screen somewhere else strategically placed on my person or clothing, but iGlasses just aren’t the answer… Until they support 3D graphics and interface support, of course.

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