Why Choose Virgin Media For Your Pay As You Go Phone?

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Why Choose Virgin Media For Your Pay As You Go Phone?
Phil Turner

In the incredibly competitive UK market, Virgin Media is one of the big players. More and more people are starting to switch to Virgin, some because they offer great deals for great prices, others because of their reputation for good customer service. And there really are some benefits to switching. Compared to other mobile service providers, Virgin offers both good bargains and a lot of flexibility. So, why should you choose them for your pay as you go phone provider?

Virgin Media – Keep Your Phone AND Your Number…

Obviously, if you switch providers to Virgin Media you can keep the phone that you currently have. You just need to make sure that your old service provider unlocks the phone to other networks before you switch, otherwise it won’t work. But Virgin also allows you to keep your current phone number, so there’s no hassle with switching numbers and telling all your contacts your new digits.

Virgin Pay As You Go Deals

And if you want a Virgin mobile phone, then there are some great deals with Virgin Media. A Samsung Galaxy Fame is going for just £159.99, which includes a year of free data, 300 text messages and a tenner of air time. Plus, you get top up rewards as well, so when you spend a certain amount of money on credit you can get free text messages or free data browsing.

Virgin Media Handsets

The ZTE Blade 3 is currently being sold for just £79.99, which again includes twelve months of free data, 300 text messages and 3000 extra text messages as a reward for topping your phone up with credit.

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Ace is going for a very reasonable £99.99 at the moment. You get the year’s worth of free mobile data as well, and 300 text messages. You are also eligible for top up rewards, like 1 GB of additional mobile data or 3000 extra text messages. Oh, and if you switch your current number to a Virgin Media Mobile number, you get 100 free calling minutes.

Using Your Phone Abroad

If you’re a frequent traveller, then Virgin is definitely the company for you. Unlike most mobile service providers, Virgin Media doesn’t charge a fortune to use your pay as you go phone when you’re out of the country. In 65 countries around the world you can use your Virgin phone for the same charges as you would at home, avoiding all those huge phone bills when you get back from your trip.

Combine Your Phone with Virgin Media Packages and Get Even More

At heart, Virgin is a media company, and they offer Internet broadband, landline phone services and TV packages as well. If you need a provider for any of these things, then you’re going to end up with a better deal on your mobile plan too.

By becoming a Virgin Media member and buying packages with TV and Internet too, you’ll be eligible for free insurance on your mobile, student discounts, free minutes, free phones, and sometimes even a half year of mobile phone service.

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Author:Phil Turner was asked to check out Virgin mobile phone PAYG deals and was pleasantly surprised by the value that they offer.

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