iPad trade-ins soar following the iPad Air and iPad Mini reveal

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iPad Tablet Trade ins Soar
Sami Colenutt

Tuesday saw the big reveal of Apple’s hotly anticipated new tablets – the iPad Air and iPad Mini – and it certainly caused a stir in the technology world. With reviews stating that the technology is good, but prices are high – will people be upgrading?

Tablet ‘fatigue’

Back in August, with no new iPads revealed, IDC data reported a ‘tablet fatigue’ – due to tablet computers having a longer, more traditional life cycle. The point was that tablet users just weren’t upgrading in the same way as they would with a smartphone.

Is this different for Apple though? Statistics from gadget recycling comparison site CompareMyMobile, could suggest so.

iPad valuations have surged by as much as 426.97 percent

A survey of recycle stores shows that Apple iPad trade-ins are up as much as 190 percent, following the big reveal of the two new devices. The iPad 2 Wi-Fi 16GB is the top model being traded in, making up 11.7 percent of all tablet trade-ins on the site.

Experts say that this isn’t even every customer on the site either – as the number of people valuing their old iPads has seen an average rise of 293.12 percent too.

iPad 3 tablet spike in trade ins

In fact, the number of people valuing an iPad 3 model increased by 426.97 percent – suggesting that just two years after their original purchase, these consumers are looking to upgrade.

How does this affect the trade-in market?

Consumers are warned that these surges will have a knock-on effect on the prices they are offered for an old tablet though. For example, following the reveal of the iPad 4 in November 2012, existing iPad models lost as much as 11.11 percent of their value within just three weeks – which equated to a loss of up to £40.

At the moment existing iPad models are actually holding their value well – only losing 1.83 percent of their trade-in value within 90 days. However, if last year is anything to go by, then the site do expect to see a change.

The iPad models losing value most quickly

So far, the site report that the tablets losing value most quickly are:

  • Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi 3G 32GB
  • Apple iPad Wi-Fi 64GB
  • Apple iPad Wi-Fi 16GB
  • Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi + 3G 16GB
  • Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi 32GB

Top 5 depreciating ipads

It’s interesting to see the iPad Mini as one of the top devices losing value, especially as it was only released last year, but this could be the recyclers anticipating a surge in the number sent in as they have to ensure they have the appropriate recycling exit routes.

Apple is dominating the tablet world

A huge rise in valuations and trade-ins also means that Apple is completely dominating the tablet trade-in market, even more so than it was before the reveal event. The electronics giant now makes up a huge 68.5 percent of tablet trade-ins, which simply dwarfs Samsung’s 12 percent and Google’s 10.7 percent share.

This suggests that consumers are still staying extremely loyal to Apple, upgrading each time there’s a new release, even when it’s a tablet, and keeping their favourite tech giant in charge.

Sami Colenutt

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Written By Sami Colenutt – Sami Colenutt is a technology writer from the south coast. As well as being a huge mobile phone geek she enjoys writing about anything gadget-related – from tablets and games consoles to smartphones – for anyone and everyone who wants to read it..

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What do you think of the new iPad? Have you ever tried to sell an old model?

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  • Ron Callari

    Thinking of trading my old one (the 2nd iteration) for the latest model – but expensive proposition – thanks for giving me some insight as to what to consider.

    • Sami Colenutt

      No problem Ron, I know there are a lot of options out there. It’s nice that we have the option to upgrade now though!

  • ransae

    Thanks for sharing a great and valuable information.

    • Sami Colenutt

      No problem Ransae, thanks for reading!

  • Trudi Marleigh

    I own an iPad 2, was waiting for these to come out before I decide to trade-up. Wasn’t really impressed with the iPad 3.

    • Sami Colenutt

      Hope you’re more impressed with the iPad Air Trudi, at least you know you still can get some cash for your old model!

  • I still have an Ipad 1…. Which I bought second hand off my nephew… To be honest I can’t really see much need to upgrade either my tablet or my relatively new and very good Galaxy Note 2.

    Just not sure at all what the advantages are of upgrading!

  • TechnoZeast

    I think that this business of trade-ins is just a way of forcing obsolescence.

  • Michael

    i own apple products since the iphone 3 and ipad 1. commonly i was always very happy with the products and especially with the quality. before iphone I always bought nokia phones. owned 5130, 5110, 6110 etc. then smartphones appeared and the quality became weak, so i changed to htc models and was also unhappy. so i became an apple user and was happy again.

  • Paul

    I would be very interested to know if the primary market on IPads is so fresh is because there is a strong secondary market to support it. Meaning, I can buy a new IPad and sell my older one to make up a big part of the purchase price.

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