Microsoft on the Threshold of Unifying Next-Gen Systems

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Microsoft on the Threshold of Unifying Next-Gen Systems
Andrew Roach

Microsoft have been busy over the past year or two preparing and developing new technologies such as Windows 8, Phone 8 and the Xbox One as they look to adapt to the changing digital landscape. As each of these systems have emerged, Microsoft has tried to sync them closely together to allow users to use just one account to access all of the full features on each device and transfer information from one platform to another.

Microsoft and the Future?

After their initial experiments, it seems that the Windows developers could be on the verge of syncing everything together following the emergence of a project known as Threshold.

Bringing everything together

Named after a planet from the first Halo game, Threshold will look to continue to close the gap between all three devices and share features that will allow users to go from one device to another in a seamless transition.

Microsoft and Project Threshold

Although the Threshold project is still in early development, the company have dropped hints about what might just be possible on threshold such as moving unfinished documents from one platform to the other or completing tasks simultaneously on more than one device.

It would be a big step up from the initial steps already put in place by Microsoft where ideas such as Skydrive and Live account giving users a taste of what could be to come in the future by sharing information and files across the Web and viewed on multiple devices.

Moving ahead with their “One Vision”

Threshold looks like it will certainly be a major part of the “One Microsoft” plans that were highlighted by former CEO Steve Ballmer back in July.

Aside from being the name of their new gaming console, the idea of putting everything into one place is seemingly well under way as Microsoft look to keep up with Google and Apple who have already got the major cornerstones in place for having everything in one place.

Microsoft Project Cortana

There have been some other projects such as the planned digital assistant project Cortana (And no it’s no coincidence that Microsoft chose a name from the Famous Halo game series) that are considered to be a major part of this even though they won’t appear on devices until the latter part of next year.

However, the release of Windows 8.1 in October did lay some of the foundations for their vision and is expected to work in tandem with Windows Phone 8.1 when that’s released in Q2 2014 for all mobile devices showing just what direction the company will go in the next couple of years.

Will they switch to one system in the future?

With the emergence of Threshold, it seems that Microsoft is keen on syncing everything into one place as more and more people look to use the web wherever and whenever they can.

It means that Threshold could give the green light for Windows to have just one system that will allow all-round access and shift content around and cater to all our needs in a blink of an eye.

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Written By Andrew Roach – After spending years playing with as many gadgets as he can get his hands on, Andrew has spent the past 5 years writing about all the latest technological innovations from across the world.

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