Must Have Tools for the Entrepreneur

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Must Have Tools for the Entrepreneur

The 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report released by Babson College reports that entrepreneurship in the U.S. continues to climb. Entrepreneurs watch the trends and look for those tools which make their lives easier.

The Entrepreneurs Tool Bag

You’ll find the high-tech gadgets and apps on this list useful every day as they save you footsteps and time. Time is money for an entrepreneur and these tools keep you from wasting valuable time in your day.

The Tablet Revolution

If you’ve been on the fence about tablet computing, it’s time to get involved. The iPad still sets the benchmark for tablets.

The Entrepreneur and the Tablet Revolution

It’s the bridge between your laptop and smartphone. With thousands of apps available, you have access to tools for every aspect of your business.

With the release of the iPad Mini, you’ll have a tool in your pocket to keep you connected with customer and product information wherever you are. Sitting in a coffee shop, customer waiting area, or on the train during your morning commute, you’ll get the work done with your Mini every day without wasting that time.

Be Hands Free

The Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones keep your hands free as you do business on the phone. These headphones have earbuds that wrap around the back of your head to stay out of your way.

Be a Hands Free Entrepreneur

Rugged enough for the workout crowd, they are light enough to wear for long periods of time, such as those afternoon calls with your potential investors.
Photo of Jaybird bluetooth headphones by Yanki01 via Flickr

Paying Now is Always an Option

Don’t miss out on a chance to close a deal by being able to collect payment wherever you are. Various credit card readers are available that plug into your smartphone or tablet turning it into a point-of-sale terminal.

The Entrepreneur Needs an Easy Payment System

Sign up for mobile payments through services such as Intuit’s GoPayment and swipe customer cards on the spot.
Photo of GoPayment by sokokyu via Flickr

Take payment for pre-orders at a conference booth or collect payment on the spot for contract services. Improve your cash flow by giving customers the option to pay you immediately.

Keep Those Contacts Organized

An entrepreneur spends a lot of time networking, meeting people and gathering contacts. You never know when you’ll need the skills of someone you met at a conference or in line at the coffee shop.

The WorldCard app Manages the Contacts of an Entrepreneur

But looking through that stack of business cards in your bottom drawer for that one resource is a waste of time. The WorldCard app takes care of that.
Photo by jborsboom via Flickr

This app uses the camera in your mobile device to scan a business card and look for the typical contact information. Then it creates the contact on your device. Make a note on the contact as to how you might use them in the future. Search your contacts for your note and find that one resource you need when you need them.

Collaborate Anywhere

Evernote Business combines cloud storage with tools to save everything from web pages to videos. Scan documents into Evernote. Save articles to review later. Create private areas to share materials with your clients.

Collaberating Anywhere as an Entrepreneur

The recently released Skitch app from Evernote lets you make notes on screen captures and photos. Use it as a sketch pad to create your own diagrams. Brainstorm with Skitch at lunch and review your notes with your team back at the office.
Photo of Evernote on phone platform by bensmithuk via Flickr

Watch the Trends

If you’re heavily involved in social networking for your business, Hootsuite gives you visibility to all of your social media sites on one dashboard.

The Entrepreneur Should Watch for Trends

Track the responses to your marketing campaigns from all of your sites on the dashboard. Launch marketing updates to all of your social platforms at once.
Photo by Jason A. Howie via Flickr

Your Virtual Office

Skype lets you communicate with staff and customers around the world. It works on nearly every desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Skype Mobile Voip App for the Entrepreneur

Conference with overseas suppliers over the Internet and forget long-distance fees. Hold crowdsourcing calls with creative talent across the country.

Author and Editor Darren Wall aka Prepay

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Author: Darren Wall aka prepay is the founder and editor of this blog. With a background in coding, Hi-Fidelity and electronics, he loves all aspects of technology, but has chosen to write about his passion, which is new mobile communication technologies and related stories.

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  • Great article, Darren, it is amazing the tools we have at our disposal today. One other tool for group collaboration, education and selling I would add is Google Hangouts which I utilize along with Skype. So many tools to make us more effective and make the world a smaller place.

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